Cyber Monday Celebration

I’m on board for any shopping you do while wearing your favorite fuzzy slippers and sitting in a comfy chair. No makeup, hair in a ponytail and  fuzzy slippers on my feet I happily search the internet for the gifts on my list. Grinning from ear to ear knowing I’m not driving the car to the crowded mall on icy roads, or waiting with my blinker on in the parking lot for a parking spot makes me positively giddy. Hey, there’s always that one car that sneaks in before I get to it anyway.

I find some amazing deals on the internet. Although my presents are always given with love, the cost is always a consideration and keeping my sanity in check is eased by shopping from the comfort of home.

I know I can’t buy everything on the internet. But, lets face it, I rely on the cyber shopper to make a living. So I’m a happy supporter. Think of me on the corner holding one of those huge signs that says shop on the internet , visit Katherine’s shops! My online shops Gifts By Katherine, Be Well Gifts,Blue Iris Gifts,shop Polka Dots and my Avon website are my full time job these days. So I say, shop, shop, shop! Find the deals, relax in your favorite chair, and spend your money wisely.

By the way if you shop at my online shops I always provide excellent customer service, and undying gratitude.

P.S.starting next week my blogs will focus on the upcoming holidays, recipes, crafts and more with the holiday theme.

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  1. Celestina Marie Designs says:

    Hi Katherine,
    Sounds so good to me and I will be joining you in the relaxing shopping day along with painting away in the studio. I can so relate on the business side of this and shopping with our community of on line shoppes.
    Supporting each other is always a great way to start.

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas.
    Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  2. I love this! I shopped in October during a month of travel – at a great place where everything is made by folks with disabilities. What I didn't accomplish there will be done "exclusively" online!

  3. Linda @ A La Carte says:

    I've been cyber shopping and looking for good deals.

  4. Debby@Just Breathe says:

    Wow, your shops are wonderful. I love shopping online. Love your new header, you blog looks so festive.

  5. Createology says:

    Clever post to remind us all to be safe warm and cozy and not fight the frenzy. Cyber shopping is a great way to support us too. Happy fuzzy slipper shopping…

  6. I love that photo with your pink slippers – so great! And you have really beautiful things in your shops! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Your so funny but I had fun out there!!!

  8. Alex J. Cavanaugh says:

    I'm with you! I do almost all of my shopping online. Completed most of it on Friday, as many were having their Black Friday deals online as well as in the stores. Will check tomorrow as well.

  9. You sure do know how to shop in comfort and style. I don't do much shopping online at all. I love going to the shops, especially at this time of the year…I know, I'm crazy!

    I look forward to seeing your future Christmas posts! I love the recipes I have seen so far!

    Best wishes,

  10. I plan to be shopping tomorrow too :) Following you and hoping you will come follow me. i am new to blogging but loving it so far!

  11. FrugalCityGirl says:

    I am now following from MBC!! Come and check out my blog

    I went crazy on Black Friday!! Hope you have fun shopping tomorrow in your fuzzy slippers…lol

  12. I'm a touch-y feel-y kind of girl, so I usually want to actually go to the store, but your idea is very appealing this year. We'll see….


  13. Hi Katie! I just found you on the Making Friends Monday blog hop! I'm looking forward to browsing through your shops!

  14. A multi-dimensional life says:

    Great idea Katherine!
    It seems the older I get, the less patient I become with standing in lines & fighting crowds. Ahhh, to sit in a comfy chair by the fire in warm slippers sounds like my idea of time well spent! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and clicking that follow button! I'll follow along with you as well and I'll look forward to more visits!

  15. I love online shopping !! I tried to take my little guy to the mall the other day, it was kind of empty but my son was out the control, freaking out in his stroller… SO from now on, it's online xmas shopping and if I can't get it online, my husband is babysitting
    hugs from Boston xx

  16. On line is good for me…I do not want to get shoved around by overly excited and rude shoppers.:)

  17. Slamdunk says:

    I prefer online as well–but the Mrs. does almost all the shopping.

    I hope your sites do well then during the holidays.

  18. I like the pink color.But it is not considered appropriate in menswear

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