High School Memories

I thought this would be fun. I’ve listed just a few things about me from high school. I loved going to school, it was my sanctuary. I was a sponge, I still am. I loved learning!

I’m hoping you will list a few things you remember from high school too.
Okay here goes….

I didn’t belong to any one particular group of friends. I was friends with everyone. The brains, the jocks, the parking lot crew, the quiet ones, the loud ones, the artists and the theater crowd.

I took college courses while in high school.

I played Desdemona in Othello.

I created artwork for the school magazine.

I never bought lunch from the cafeteria.

I used to speak Spanish, French, and Turkish and a little tiny bit of Italian

I loved classic films and jazz music

I only went to three school dances,

I  took extra credit courses during the summer. One year I spent three weeks recording deer droppings for the wildlife resources department!

Yes that’s my high school graduation photo! Okay now its your turn!


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  1. Life Below Zero says:

    I blogged it forward
    Happy to be a new follower from the hop.
    Life Below Zero

  2. Cute graduation picture!

  3. Look at that pretty picture! You were a busy girl! I played in the Orchestra and was the first chair first violin Concert Mistress. My favorite classes were orchestra, art, cooking and sewing. I was an honor roll student the entire time. I never ate lunch in the cafeteria either. I tried out for drama club with a line from Macbeth, I was accepted and very dramatic in my audition. It scared me so much I never joined!
    Bless you,


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