Apr 08 2011

Craft Project Easter Ribbon Eggs

 Craft Project Easter Ribbon Eggs-

With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be fun to make some simple decorations.

ribbon easter egg craft katherines corner


I regret I didn’t take more photos. Sorry. It’s difficult to hold your project and take a photo at the same time, giggle.

What you need

Styrofoam eggs I used eggs 3 /12 inch eggs ( from your local craft shop)

Ribbon (your choice) I used about 2 ½ yards for each egg

Craft Glue (not hot glue)


Embellishments, I used rick rack, lace, beads, little embroidered flowers, etc.)

Straight pin

Lets Make It!

Start by cutting a piece of ribbon about 3 times the length (wrapped end to end) of your egg.

Put a drop of glue on the end of the egg.

Place the ribbon end onto the dot of glue and secure with a straight pin.

Begin wrapping your egg, by drawing a line of glue and laying your ribbon onto the glue line.

Continue this process as you wrap your egg laying each piece of ribbon slightly over the other.

You will need to cut new strips of ribbon as you continue on. You do not need to keep adding straight pins.

If you’d like to add a ribbon loop for hanging (I did). Add your loop about half way through the wrapping process, by extending your ribbon out past the egg end of the egg.

Fold the hanging ribbon back on itself and add a drop of glue and secure with a straight pin.

Then continue wrapping. After it’s completely wrapped let dry.

Select your embellishments. Add ribbon, lace etc. to your heart’s content.

 Will you give this project a try?

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  1. cherrylej

    hi! i’m following from TGIF blog hop. your blog is great, I like your easter ribbon egg project! have a great day!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Hello Cherry welcome, and I’m hopping over to your blog now.

  2. Kristen @ Curious Cora

    Those eggs are so cute! I love Easter :)

    Thanks for following, I am now following back!

    Have a Great weekend!

  3. Bekah

    These are so cute and look pretty easy! Thanks for becoming a follower.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Thank you , yes easy and a nice result. Hugs

  4. Katherines Corner

    Thank you, my pleasure

  5. Lindsay

    Wow these are beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. It is a pleasure to return the follow :) http://www.memoirs-of-2-wicked-chefs.blogspot.com/

    1. Katherines Corner

      Hi Lindsay nice to see you here!

  6. Gail

    These are so pretty and cool. Thanks for sharing the process.

    1. Katherines Corner

      thank you, I’m happy you like them.

  7. Dee

    Your Easter eggs are very pretty.

  8. Jessica

    Cute project! I’m a new follower from Free For All friday!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Welcome Jessica!

  9. Mrs. Bee

    Those eggs are beautiful. Thank you for posting how to make them. How fun!

    I’m following you from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. http://thebumbleinthebee.blogspot.com/

    1. Katherines Corner

      Welcome I’m happy to see you here. I’m following you too

  10. Rebecca

    How fun, stopping by from friend friday but I already follow you :-)

  11. Rachel Roland

    These are SO CUTE! Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following – I’m now following you back! Hope you come back and check out my blog – I have two giveaways going on right now with more to come!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Rachel you’re on my radar. Hugs!

  12. TJ

    New follower from the hop. Have a great day!

    1. Katherines Corner

      I discovered your blog too. Welcome!

  13. Susie's Homemade

    So cute:-)

    1. Katherines Corner

      Thank you Susie

  14. Cheryl Dolby

    It’s amazing how you continue to come up with such unique ideas for every season. Love the eggs and the earlier post of the olive oil dip. Also, Congratulations on over 1500 followers!!!! How incredible! You, are doing something very, very right!
    Have a great weekend Katherine.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Cheryl, thank you for your kind comment. Hugs!

  15. Xenia @ Thanks, Mail Carrier

    How cute, what a fun project!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday! Have a great weekend!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Welcome! I need to grab your hop button and get it posted.

  16. Sue

    Katherine, Your eggs are so sweet and will be so simple to make. I really never even thought of working with a styrofoam egg. I guess I need to make a trip to the craft store because this is really a cute idea.
    :-) Sue

    1. Katherines Corner

      Simple can be elegant. I think I visit the craft stores far too often, they have a lot of our money, LOL!

  17. Mary Bearden

    Wow, those look good! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I must have overlooked this blog so I am now following thru GFC. I know I am following the other ones because I entered the contest. Did not know you had more than one! Have a great weekend also!


    1. Katherines Corner

      Hi Mary, I’m trying to get all of the links to come here so there’s no confusion. You are definitely in the contest you have entered oodles of tweets!

  18. Making It Work Mom

    I love those eggs. Such a perfect Easter Craft! I think even my girls could handle these

    1. Katherines Corner

      definite a kid friendly craft ( I’ll be posting an easy Easter crafts for children next week :-)

  19. Mel the Crafty Scientist

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Can’t quite smell the lemon through the gloss, but maybe it’s for the best… I don’t have to fend off ants, neighborhood kids, dogs, etc. for my wreath! : )

    1. Katherines Corner

      Thank you for visiting. I sure do love the idea and the color of your wreath!

  20. Dom

    What a great idea! My mom would probably love these.

    1. Katherines Corner

      please share. hugs!

  21. Ms. A

    It’s been an awfully long time since I had any Easter decorations around here. No Easter baskets, eggs or Easter candy. Not since my kids were young.

    1. Katherines Corner

      I love to acknowledge the holidays with a little something special and being grandparents means, always decorating. big hugs!

  22. Mina

    These are so cute! Thank you so much for the idea and instructions.

  23. Samantha

    Those eggs are so cute! I’ve been looking for something to use as an Easter centerpiece for my dining room table, and I could definitely make a cute arrangement from these. :)

    Thanks so much for visiting on my SITS day!

  24. Samantha

    Wonderful project – those eggs are so cute! I’ve been looking for ideas for an Easter centerpiece for our table, and these are perfect!

    Thanks so much for visiting for my SITS day!

  25. Martha (MM)

    How beautiful! I found you over at Roz’s. I’m your newest follower :-)

  26. Martha (MM)

    I lied – I was already following, LOL!

  27. By the Bluegrass...

    Very cute! And, great minds think alike….you’ll have to check out my fabric Easter egg post.

  28. Medeia Sharif

    This looks so awesome. Makes me want to be more crafty. :)

  29. Donnie

    That would sure keep me out of the cookie jar. They really look pretty.

  30. Bev

    I keep forgetting Easter is right around the corner – pretty project -luv your eggs: D
    Returning the favor and following you back from WynnieBee’s Buzz By Sunday. Have to explore your site some more – there’s so many wonderful ideas here !

  31. Diapers In The Desert

    What a wonderful idea! I bet they would look great in a Easter wreath too!! Thanks for the visit and follow. I am following you back.

  32. sharde

    love that project! my kids would love it! found you on SITs!


  33. Tiffany

    Oh I love these eggs! They look fantastic! I have just made some too using some strips of fabric! Thanks for visiting me, I am look forward to popping back here regularly for more inspiration! X

  34. Lei

    These are too cute! :)

  35. Roz

    Thanks again Katherine for sharing these lovely eggs on last week’s Fresh Clean and Pure Friday/Seasonal Saturday. I was so happy to have it as one of the Featured Posts today! I hope that you have a most lovely and blessed Easter coming up soon!

  36. Lady Mellilah aka Trimfairy

    The overlapping strips of ribbon are very luxe and beautiful!

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