1. Soooo cute!

  2. The doves are very pretty and the whole image looks like a wedding decoration.

  3. I love this flower. Three of these bunched together were my wedding bouquet. :)

  4. beautiful and peaceful…. Ellen

  5. So pretty!

  6. New follower here through a blog hop! I hope you’ll follow me back!!

  7. Very pretty!

  8. Very pretty.

  9. I got my necklace, thank you, it’s perfect!

  10. Lovely photo! Came over by way of the fabulous Facing 50 With Humor’s “Fortifying Your Fifties” lovely party! And yes, what a wonderful job you did! Hope you’ll come visit us sometime and our house full of Siberian Huskies and an honorary Husky cat-who-adopted-us!

  11. Oh my gosh – now I know we’re meant to be bloggy buddies. I have those SAME doves! Great taste :)
    Beautiful blog and LOVE the music. Take care and be blessed!

  12. That looks lovely in your home, but wouldn’t last 5 minutes in mine. (and if it did last 5 minutes, it would be covered it dust)

  13. Such a sweet image. Love those collectibles.

  14. These are so beautiful!

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