Rainy Day Wedding

An invitation to a wedding reception this past weekend came as a nice break from our regular weekend routine. Sparky ( my husband Bob) and I dressed up in our  “Sunday Go To Meet’n” clothes and drove a couple of miles down the road to the celebration. It was raining, which is good luck for the new couple. There was a break in the rain just in time for us to walk into the reception center. I was happy I didn’t have to deal with carrying an umbrella.

It was a lovely reception filled with  flowers and smiling faces. We stayed much longer than either of us had expected. But we both enjoyed meeting new people and the lively conversations going on. There was plenty of laughter too.  The bride an groom looked  wonderful and both were giddy with excitement and ready to get on the way to their honeymoon. As we walked out waving and smiling and grateful we had been invited to such a fun celebration I glanced down at my shoes…………………….one black and one brown!

I wonder how many noticed? We laughed all the way home! Don’t Forget to enter. The giveaway ends tomorrow!

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  1. Oh dear, I hope nobody laughed at your shoes behind your back. But I don’t think you should worry too much, most people look at faces rather than feet when they meet people.
    I’m glad you had fun.

    • oh I figured I may have given someone a giggle. They can always say hey, do you remember that lady who wore two different shoes, LOL!

  2. Ha! Ha! In this day and age they probably saw it and thought what a ‘fashion plate’ you were!! ^_^ And, by the way, I’ve done that!!! ^_^

  3. maybe you were just trying to start a new tread… :)

  4. Your story brought me a smile! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That’s awesome. I’ve done the same thing but I was only at work where no one cares. I’ll bet no one even noticed! Too funny, though.

  6. Thankfully, one wasn’t white! That could easily happen in my house, it’s so dark. Plus, when I find something I like, I try getting multiples in different colors. (usually tops and there isn’t much chance wearing mismatched tops) Glad you could laugh about it!

  7. Oh yes, must laugh. I’m like you I buy styles ( pants and shoes particularly) that I really like in several different colors. Hugs

  8. Oh my goodness, you started a new fashion.

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