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Dear Katie, I was reading the labels on some things at home the other day and I thought I’d ask you. What is Retsyn and why is it in my mints! Why do I have to refrigerate after opening? What the heck is msg and why is it in my soup? Thank you from your fan, CarrieAnn.

Dear CarrieAnn, what a fun question you’ve sent to me. I know sometimes reading labels can really put you into a spin.

Okay lets start with retsyn: RETSYN® is a combination of partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, copper gluconate and flavoring. Sounds yummy , right? giggle. Actually it’s just a lot of words for the trademarked breath freshening ingredient.

Refrigerate after Opening: Simply means, while it’s still in the sealed container you can keep it in your pantry or cupboard for quite some time. But once opened, there’s a chance of contamination.Of course it depends on the type of product opened. If the product has a high acid level (  pickles, salad dressing, condiments) it takes longer to spoil. This also includes products with high sugar content ( like jams and syrup) But products with low acid content ( canned veggies and broth) go bad quickly. Best rule to follow for the low acid foods, two days and out it goes!


MSG: msg is not my friend, I don’t like it and it doesn’t like me either. MSG stands for monosodium glutamate. It’s an additive used to enhance the flavor of foods. You find it mostly in processed foods(canned veggies, sandwich meats, soups and some asian foods ). You’ll be surprised which foods have it. Look for labels that say no msg, you’ll be glad you did.

Thank you for your terrific question.

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  1. Good advice on the MSG.

  2. That’s why we don’t often buy canned foods.

  3. Hey Katie, sorry I haven’t been by lately but that doesn’t mean I not thinking about you and all the great stuff you do to help everyone. This was a really good one. I have this site on my desktop but I miss getting prompts like I did when you were on blogger. I will try harder to stop by and gleen from all the knowledge you are sharing. Hope you and your hubby have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend. I got the samples and love the Wild Country scent and Linda is trying to work up the rest of the order soon. Bye for now.
    Odie :)

    • Odie, you stopped by!So nice to see your sweet comments. I’d been wondering where all of my bloggy friends had gone. I don’t understand , you mean you don’t see me in your blogger reader? I wonder why? hmmmI’ll check into it. Hugs and Happy Easter!

  4. Just placed an Avon order

  5. Very interesting blog you have! I’m a new follower from the blog hop. I saw several lovely recipes you have on here that I must try! Have a great day!

  6. MSG and I do not get along at all. It enjoys bringing headaches and I don’t enjoy hosting them.
    I remember Retsyn from TV commercials for breath mints.

  7. I don’t think MSG is a friend of very many people.

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