Apr 28 2011

Joyful Places Every Day

Every day I visit fantastic blogs here on the world wide web.

Every day I see beautiful images and read inspiring words.

Every day I share in bloggers joys and sorrows .

Every day I see creativity at its best.

Every day I say I am thankful there are more joyful blogs than sorrow filled ones.

To each of you who diligently post your thoughts, rants, raves, and information  every day,

I say thank you.

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  1. Modern Country Style

    Well, I ‘d say that makes you a very lovely, thankful person. Your blog is so full of hope and joy. I love coming here.


  2. Mrs. Zwieg

    What a beautiful post!

  3. jenny at dapperhouse

    That is a sweet post. Thats why I love these blog hops…”meeting” new people everyday! Im following you : )

  4. Holly@Hoosier at Heart

    This post says so many things about how I feel everytime I take the time to read through new and old favorites. Loving your new site! Thanks for adding me to your Blog Love Page!

  5. thisisme

    Hallo! I clicked on your name when you left a comment on my post, so here I am. I have missed you. I have clicked to be one of your Google Connect friends, so hopefully your blog will now show up. This is a lovely post. I am grateful for all my bloggy friends. As you say,we see each other through the ups and downs but, thankfully, there seem to be more ups and downs. Hope all is well with you and your family and all your lovely grandchildren!!

  6. Nancy L

    Hi Katherine,
    Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by my blog. I’m adding your button to my blog too!

  7. Shady Del Knight

    Hi, Katie! Your visit to my blog meant a lot to me and I am here to say thank you. I read about two dozen blogs per day. I am most fond of bloggers who keep ranting to a minimum and find something uplifting to present. I see blogging as an opportunity to help people and in the process to help yourself. The tools that I use are music, laughter and love. Have a wonderful day and please visit my blog again soon. You are always welcome there!

  8. yvonne lewis

    Lovely words lovely post.

    Also thanks for the comment.

  9. Deborah

    That’s so sweet of you.

  10. Mina

    And a special thank you to you as well, sweet Katherine. You are a joy to know and follow.

  11. Night Owls Perch

    following you on stalk hop friday as Night Owls Perch on GFC.

    I would love if you followed back.


  12. rikki

    Following from the hop! And passing on the versatile blogger award to you!


  13. stephanie

    Hi! Glad I found your blog! I’m a new follower!

  14. Maria Matter

    You & your blog are the exact reason I checkout blog hops….I’m thrilled to find a handful of blogs I probably wouldn’t have happened upon otherwise! I’ve been hanging out here for awhile now…the dry hair remedy pulled me in! lol You have so much wonderful information here. Thank you!
    And yes, I am happily your newest follower! Would be honored to have you as a follower if you would like to be!
    Joyful Stamper!

  15. christy

    You now have a new follower, Can you please Follow back?

    Tweet with me on Twitter to.

    Become a fan on my Christina’s voice Fan page.

    Thanks have a great day!

  16. Cindy v d Meer

    I am glad to know and follow your blog. I’ve visit almost every chance I check my blogs. Have a beautifull day!


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