Apr 29 2011

The Royal Wedding

Today is the day the Royal wedding takes place. Being a British citizen  I felt it only fitting to write a brief congratulatory post to the debonair Prince William and the beautiful Catherine Middleton. Two lovely souls who become one. I married my prince charming and Catherine will too. They are  marrying today at the Historical Westminster Abbey surrounded by family, friends and the world.

I hope they get a little rain on their special day. It’s good luck. Sparky ( Bob) and I had  rain on our wedding day too. Did you?

Congratulations William and Catherine may you  forever carry  the joy of your wedding day in your hearts always.

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  1. Poetesswug

    I’m watching the wedding right now. She’s an absolutely beautiful bride. Love is in the air! :-)

    1. Katherines Corner

      Oh I know that dress! The lace sleeves. It’s all so lovely xo

  2. L. Starkey

    I’m watching the wedding too. I just love how adoringly William gazed at his bride! It’s a good day for England and for all Anglophiles.

    1. Katherines Corner

      yes, a very good day :-) Hugs

  3. Christine C

    I thought the wedding was spectacular and Kate was absolutely gorgeous. Cheers to them on this festive day.


    1. Katherines Corner


  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    I just love your blog! The total feel of it from the music to the design! I found it through the blog hop and I am a new follower!! I will feature you as a new friend on the front of my site this week!! Please come by and say hello.

    I think Kate is stunning! As a high school teacher, I would so much rather young girls esteem this new princess than some of the role models that they do. She depicts Strength and Dignity!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Pam how incredibly kind of you. I am so grateful. Biggest hugs!!!!

  5. annie

    I was married in the evening in January and there was a lovely snowfall.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Sounds wonderful Annie

  6. NewEndStudio

    W & C had a wonderful celebration and the crowds added to their joy. It was raining west of London, so maybe that can be their little luck. I got married with both snow and rain and lots of puddles around!

    1. Katherines Corner

      How wonderful, Big Hugs!!

  7. Terri

    I am a new follower via GFC, Facebook and Twitter. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out and follow back.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Terri how wonderful, thank you so much for extending your friendship in all three places. Hugs!

  8. thisisme

    Lovely post Katherine! It was a day in which I was proud to be British! Didn’t Catherine look stunning, and I adored the dress. She just looked so radiant, and I think she will bring a breath of fresh air into the Royal Family!!

    1. Katherines Corner

      I agree my sweet friend. She is elegant isn’t she. hugs!

  9. Camille

    Kate looked absoulutely beautiful and her dress was so perfect. They bring new hope to the Royal Family. Prince William is so like his mom.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Camille they are the future. He honors his Mother in all he does. He really does take after her. Hugs!

  10. Barbara

    How sweet of you to write this! I had rain the morning of my wedding three years ago. Here’s hoping that it keeps being as lucky as it has been!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Barbara, I’m sure it will. xo

  11. Lisa Weidknecht

    Hi! I am here for Hop Along Friday. I’m following you and hope you’ll follow me too!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Welcome! following you too!

  12. Thedesertrocks

    What a nice post.

    1. Katherines Corner

      thank you kindly. Hugs!

  13. Deborah

    Sweet post. I loved watching the wedding. This was a special day for me.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Me too. Hugs!

  14. More Than A Mom

    I’m linking up my post of the beautiful day. It was well worth getting up for the 6AM wedding here in Ontario, Canada. They are a beautiful and blessed couple and I feel honoured that I could witness it live on television.

    More Than A Mom

    1. Katherines Corner


  15. Lin

    Oh, weren’t they adorable??! I think they honestly love each other too, which is so sweet. I certainly hope they find much happiness together!

    1. Katherines Corner

      I do think they are a lovely couple. They do seem to be perfect for each other. Hugs

  16. Judith

    Well I didn’t intend to but I did watch it. Here in New Zealand where we are 12 hours ahead of the UK, it was the early hours of this morning before I turned off the TV.
    Isn’t she beautiful – a real princess.
    I got married on a foggy day in London town. 4.45pm on a cold Sunday afternoon in November. But perhaps the fog was a good omen too (no rain). We stayed married for 41 years before my handsome Scotsman’s untimely death.
    As a displaced/misplaced English woman, I wish them both well and hope they appreciate the outpouring of love they received from the crowds on the ground.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Judith, yes I do think that fog was a wonderful substitution for rain. Biggest hugs!

  17. sharingwithsherri

    I hope they will be very happy! Prince William reminds me so much of his mother…

    I was trying to remember if it rained on my mine and hubby’s wedding day but its been almost 30 years ago… I do remember spilling champagne in my lap though, does that count?!!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog an following me! I’ll be following you now too!

    1. Katherines Corner

      giggle :-)

  18. Crunchy Frugalista

    I watched a little bit of the wedding. My kids wanted to see a “princess wedding” We didn’t have rain on our wedding day, but we still have good luck :). I am your newest follower from the Weekend Hop. It is so nice to meet you. You have a great blog.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Thank you, I’m happy you enjoyed your visit. Hugs!

  19. Mina

    It was all so gorgeous to watch! They are so in love and enraptured with one another.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Oh I know, didn’t you just love it when he told her she looked beautiful when she stood next to him for the first time in her gorgeous gown…:-)

  20. Mrs. Tuna

    It poured the day before and the day after but was perfect the big day.

  21. Catherine

    It was a very windy day when I got married ~ and we’ve been married for almost 23 years!

    I wish William and Catherine all the happiness in the world and a long and peaceful marriage. They are adorable!!

  22. Katie@Little Things Bring Smiles

    Hello Katherine!

    Thanks so much for following my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I planned to have an outdoor wedding with my prince two years ago and it did more than a little rain–it poured!!!! Our wedding was still perfect even if we had to move indoors :)

    I hope you have a great week!!

    P.S. My name is Katherine too, and good job spelling it the right way ;)

  23. Savannah Granny

    The wedding was beautiful. They looked so much in love. I pray they will be eternally happy.
    I am late getting around. Thank you so much for visiting my garden. We are enjoying the nice weather here but we are praying for our friends in the storm riddled areas.
    Have a fabulous week. Ginger :)

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