1. Yum, that looks delicious!

  2. i scream also 😛



  3. That’s a welcome sight and I’d like to sample them all! I need a scoop of each to combat this searing 95 degree Florida heat. Happy Wordless Wednesday, Katie!

  4. Yum! I scream too – “keep off of my thighs!”

  5. The one stumbling block in my new diet….ice cream…I just can’t give it up!

  6. I scream! Ice Cream! =) Looks fabulous! I’m craving ice cream now…. LOL Happy Wednesday!

  7. Is this what heaven looks like?

  8. Beautifully displayed! I’m not a big fan of ice cream, but this collage makes me want to change that. :)

  9. You’re certainly tempting us today Katherine, with all those gorgeous ice-creams on view! I’ll have the second one please!

  10. That’s some fine looking ice cream!

  11. Good weapon for battling the excruciating heat!

  12. Mitzi says:

    See, now I want ice cream! :-) Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday my dear friend! ~Hugs, M

  13. Oh how evil of you to show all that ice cream! I just made a pact with myself today…no more late night ice cream. Every little pic looks just scrumptious!

    I adore your post on my blog with your points enumerated. Just too cute…and I gave Boudreaux a scratch behind his ears. You are his new best friend. :)

  14. I don’t think I could choose just one… I would have to choose all… : )

  15. Jeanie says:

    Looks good enough to send me on a run to Baskin Robbins.

  16. I seriously almost took a bite out of my computer…… Great WW!
    Thanks for wishing my baby girl a happy 3rd Bday!

  17. Great, now I have to get up off my sofa, drive to the store and buy me some frozen love.

  18. Stopping by from WW…I didn’t have enough time yesterday to look through all the photos! I scream for coconut ice cream….yum!

  19. I had some delicious sorbet in Europe that you would scream for!

  20. i scream for ice cream too! =)

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