On Top Of Mount Baldy

Okay The title may be slightly deceiving as we didn’t actually go to the top of mount baldy. But..We did go up in our beautiful mountains. We went to one of our favorite getaways. Mirror Lake. It’s been scorching hot here so we made a quick trip to cool off. Are you thinking we rode up on these…..think again…giggle. We saw plenty of riders on our little trek though. Couldn’t resist this little tease.


We took the “ole grandpa truck! Things bounced around a lot and we had a little bit of a mess.






We stopped at one of our favorite rest stops and we were so disappointed to see this. Someone let a campfire get out of control.






There are so many beautiful trees. It’s scary to think how easily they can be destroyed by fire.





A familiar face reminds everyone to be mindful of their campfires.





We kept an eye out for local wildlife…










They run wild here too. Well maybe not so much run as meander slowly.





It was surprising how many bicyclists we saw on the road too. Plenty of signs to remind you to share the road. But I didn’t take photos of any of the riders.



Just as we were arrived we were reminded about just how late our snow stayed with us this year. Yes, That is snow!






When we saw this sign we knew we had arrived!







There it is mirror lake! Isn’t it just beautiful.





and this my sweet bloggy friends is Mount Baldy. I know someone is thinking why do they call it mount baldy. We have a theory, well I do, it’s mostly rocks at the top, so no trees,  hence..( do you like the use of the word hence here) bald…But truly I don’t know the answer. It may have something to do with it being a high peak.


Here’s a closer look.







Everything smelled so wonderful, like pine.




Most of us have some type of fear, or in my case ,I have a few. Bears are at the top of the list.




I watched my sweet husband cast his line into the beautiful water.

I had my book club book with me!







We had a lovely day, just being together in such a beautiful place. Pure Bliss.




Watch for the new giveaway announcement on Saturday!


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  1. I can almost smell the fresh air and pines, Katie. Thanks for the great pictures of your getaway!

  2. Very nice….Thanks for sharing your trip. :-) By the way, how’s the book so far?! I’m curious to know. I may read that one next. Reading Pride and Prejudice right now.

  3. what a coincident! Today my post is also going up the hill LOL.

    Love the photos you posted :)


  4. I want to go!!! It’s just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your photos.

  5. Ohhhh it is just beautiful there!
    I miss the mountains and pine trees ~

    Thank you for sharing them with us :)


  6. Your pictures are great! They make me want to take a vacation!

  7. What a beautiful spot, so peaceful and serene. I am afraid of bears, too. xo,

  8. Ohhh, it looks heavenly! I am so envious. Sounds like a great trip :)

  9. My kids love to fish at Mirror Lake (probably because it’s the only place they have ever caught anything). Thought I read in the paper recently that you still couldn’t get there because of snow. Who knows what I was reading…or when, but glad to see I can take them there!

    I am with you on the bears. I am terrified of them!

    • It was the first weekend they were open. It was a busy place. The fishing was good too. Our oldest granddaughter caught so many fished there last year too. Its a great place to take the family. Hugs!

  10. Hi Katherine! Your getaway up the mountain looks so refreshing. I can’t believe there is snow up there! Mount Baldy appears to live up to it’s name for sure. Beautiful pictures.

  11. Beautiful! I still find it hard to imagine places with snow, or even cool places.

  12. How beautiful! What a perfect trip. Just the place I’d love to be right now!

  13. Mirror Lake is breathtaking.

    I already finished Maine (which I loved, btw), and went straight to J. Courtney Sullivan’s first book, Commencement. Finished it this morning. Now I’m reading Jaycee Dugard’s story. So sad.

    • Gail you little bookworm you. I put commencement on my next reading list too. I don’t think I can read Jaycee book, Sweet soul she’s doing well now and that is truly a blessing.not sure. Let me know how you liked commencement

  14. Hi Katherine! What a refreshing break from the summer heat! It’s been scorching hot here too and lots of wild storms….lost power etc. I would love a little vacation right now! Mirror Lake is beautiful…so crisp and clean looking. I’m glad you enjoyed your time! Love thinking about that fresh pine scent! xoxo

  15. So where are you? I have been to a mirror lake. Also we have a Mount Baldy right here in the Upland area of California. Looks like you had a great time.

  16. Wow, We’re talking paradise here! You know what would be depressing? A city picture right next to one of those. ewwwwwwww You almost wonder is there a place like these pictures anymore? Thanks for raising my hopes to find paradise. I’m your latest follower. Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend.

    • Hello Dolly! So happy to have you as a new bloggy friend. I’m so happy it elevated your hopes. Big Hugs, good luck in the giveaway, I see you’ve been tweeting :-)

  17. You got some great pictures!! Definitely was surprised to see that SNOW! lol
    Thanks for linking up at Sisterhood Saturday! It will be a weekly hop so yes please feel free to add it to your library! Have a great weekend!!!!

  18. Love the photos! I saw that book at Walmart recently. Is it good? Trying to figure out how I missed this post? ~Love & Hug

  19. Hi Sweetie, the book is good. You still have time to join in with us too and leave your comment son the book club page. Hugs!!!!

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