Dear Katie, Garden Party

I love receiving Dear Katie questions, they come in on all topics.

Dear Katie ( Katherine) Can you help  me to decide what to wear to a summer garden party? It’s hot in Arizona. Thanks Ruth

Dear Ruth, Summer in Arizona…hot! I’d say scorching! Thank you for asking. My best suggestion is to think light. Light in color and light in fabric. Try a nice cotton wrap dress, something that’s not tight around the waist. Stay away from dark colors and polyester. Stockings (pantyhose ) are out of the question. You’ll create your own personal sauna with those things.

If you’re a hat person consider a wide brim hat.  Sandals or open toe shoes will be most comfortable. But, if you’ll be walking on grass try a wedge instead of heels so you don’t sink into the ground, or stumble as you walk.

Remember to wear sunscreen. Take a personal fan  (folding or motorized.) Find shade, drink plenty of water and have fun!

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  1. just dropping by to say “hi”. Yup sunblock and a big straw hat is a must have to be safe from sun burnt

  2. Excellent advice! I have a cute fan just for moments like this! Drinking lots of water is critical!!

  3. Heather says:

    What great tips! If you can get away with it, being sleeveless helps too. Also, nothing tight! :)

  4. I am a big fan of big, floppy brim hats. Pretty sandals, but flat because the heels will stick in the grass are a must. You give such great advice!!!

  5. Great advice as always Katie. We are still struggling with very hot and humid weather here in the Carolinas. Longing for fall. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Big Hugs,
    Odie :)

  6. What excellent, practical advice dear Katie! You really do listen well and it shows in the way you reach out to others. Thank you so much for your comments on my post. I’m so glad for this ‘bloggy’ friendship! xo

  7. Thank you for stopping by blog…Yes…I’m looking forward to being a grand ma ma…I started doing a makeover on one of the bedrooms in my house for baby V. Sorry…but I did away with the registering…did you try signing up for the Rss Feed?


  8. Yes…I agree Sunscreen and Big Floppy hats you just can’t beat that …

  9. I have a misting fan that I fill up with ice water. It’s lovely!

  10. Slowly, I have been purchasing hats. I think they are so sexy!

  11. One of my favorite things is a hand held fan. I know it is so silly but I love to walk around outside fanning like the Victorian era! When I go to the Renaissance Festival it is the first thing I purchase each year. 😉

  12. I always love visiting here! Beautiful tips and books. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the love!

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