1. That many birds in one place, equals a lot of bird droppings. (I swear some of them look like they are laughing)

  2. hahaha! learnt something new from your blog today :)

  3. Your post led me to Wiki where I learned how the California Gull came to become the state bird of Utah. As the story goes, the gulls saved the wheat crop planted by Mormon settlers by gobbling up hoards of Mormon crickets (katydids) that were threatening the food supply. Thanks, Katie!

    • Giggle you are awesome! I’m so happy you shared the info with everyone. I know, isn’t that interesting. I took the photo from my front porch. :-)

  4. Shady answered my question since I couldn’t figure how a sea gull was state bird of a state that doesn’t have a coastline. Great post Katie.

  5. That is indeed a whole bunch of birds! Wow! Happy Wednesday my friend! ~Hugs, M

  6. Utah? Who knew?

  7. The great gulls of Utah. A great miracle back then and answer to much prayer and fasting.
    Made me proud to live there.

  8. I’m a new follower from the Monday Mingle. Would love a follow back!

  9. I agree with Odie. Shady answered my question for me!! We have dreadful problems with gulls around our seaside resorts here. They are always diving down and pinching peoples’ lunches!! Good one for Wordless Wednesday, and sorry I’m commenting on a Thursday!

  10. I learned something new today :) They look like a happy crew!

  11. So glad I shared. Hugs!

  12. Wowee!
    Thanks to you and Shady D I have a new piece of information that I will be able to whip out if ever I’m in the US of A and partaking in a quiz about your State birds.
    Seriously though, great photos and I do like an interesting bit of trivia.

    Happy day Lovely!
    xx Felicity

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