A Simple Change, Inexpensive Room Makeover

A Simple Change, Inexpensive Room Makeover

I started thinking the other day about the cost of room makeovers. I love to do room change ups, as I refer to them. I posted about my kitchen not to long ago click here for part one, click here for part 2, click here for the final part 3.

There is one room in your home that can be changed rather inexpensively. Your bathroom!

I keep beautiful neutral colored mats and towels in our master bath and then occasionally “change up” the accessories. Don’t scrimp on your mats and towels, you’ll be glad you didn’t.  The mats were about $30 each from Bed Bath and Beyond ( I have four, there’s one in the toilet room and one in front of the shower too). Also the towels are from JC Penny and cost about $12 for bath size, $9 for hand towels and $7 for face cloths. I don’t have any before photos. But these photos will give you an idea about how easy it is to make a difference in the space in your home that always gets a lot of visits.


I had this basket in the linen closet holding some face cloths. I bought it from Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of years ago on clearance for about $8






Adding a candle in the bathroom is always nice. I love to soak in a tub with soft music, some bubbles,and the added glow of a candle is so relaxing. Not all of my soaks are relaxing though  click here to read .  I had the candlestick already. I can’t remember where I bought it. I’ve had it for several years. The candle is from Kohls on sale for $5 and the dancer statue was a gift,from a dear friend and I’ve had it for years too.

The added raffia touch gives this simple candle a little extra umph! If you do this just remember to remove it before you light the candle.






I think wood is a great accent in the bathroom. The wood bowls are new from Walmart and only $6 each. I put one on each side of the two sinks. The wood tray also came from Walmart last year it was in the clearance section of the hardware department. I think I paid about $8 .










A little artwork in the bathroom is a plus too. I’ve had this framed  Van Gogh poster print of fritillaris in a copper vase for years. It hangs in the toilet room





At the beginning of this post I mentioned the accent towels. You’ve seen them in some of these photos. They were the most expensive purchase for this change up. I love towels with embroidery or pretty details and so you do have to pay more for that. These hand towels were $9 each at Bed Bath and Beyond, I bought 3. Lord how I love that shop…come to think of it, they do have a lot of our money, giggle.

So that’s it my sweet bloggy friends. Sum total of new purchases for this change up $44.

 Sending prayers for all of those in Irene’s path






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  1. We have our guest bathroom which will require a complete overhaul. I will have to keep these ideas in mind once that project is complete. Your bath looks like such a relaxing place! ~Hugs, M

  2. I need a whole new bathroom, including a new tub… desperately!

  3. Great changes, Katherine, I love the colors you have,and all at a great price. It is amazing what a few added touches can do. The basket I want, so pretty.

  4. That is such a cute little girl on the Avon book. Your photos look really great although I rarely give much thought to decor and just want stuff to be available and work. I’ll leave that up to you sweet ladies. So far this morning we are getting a lot of wind and rain but not too severe since we are 3 hours inland. Have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll catch up with you later.
    Big Hugs,

    • Oh my goodness sweetie I just realized you are in the hurricane/ storm watch area. Glad to hear you are inland, praying for everyone.
      Big Hugs right back to you!

  5. Nice touches, Katherine. Changing accessories is always a great way of economically updating the look of a room.

  6. Your Washroom looks so VERY relaxing… And for such a GREAT price…The embroidered towels are LOVELY and yes they do cost a bit more…But well worth it… :)

  7. The change of season is always my time for changing up a room. I love those accent towels! I found you on the So Followed Saturday Blog Hop. I’m following you now.

  8. Katherine, thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. Please visit again.
    You have good ideas about decorating a bathroom. I like the little basket filled with goodies. It is pretty but also useful. Shannon

  9. Great job on the bath redo. I am a new follower.

  10. Such nice touches! We are in the process of a master bath remodel…I’ll be glad when its finished!
    Happy weekend :)

  11. Hi Katherine,

    Could not agree more, new towels and flannels can make a bathroom look so good.
    Yes, I always have a candle in my bathroom for the nights when I want to spend time soaking in the bath. Great post.

    Happy Sunday

  12. You made some really gorgeous changes but they were so easy to do. I love the straw raffia around the candle-that was such a lovely touch and so simple to do. Thanks for your great suggestions.

    Best wishes and happy week,

  13. d'Artagnan says:

    Hi from Comment Love Day!! What a BEAUTIFUL space you have! (Both your bathroom and your blog). I love, love, love your simple ways of creating a beautiful environment!


  14. I love your blog and love the two new additions to my blog. We are sisters at heart. I am just about to start painting. Livingroom paint next. Will take pictures. Hugs and Kisses to you dear friend.

  15. Lovely things. The wooden bowl and tray give such a clean look.

    Thanks for thoughts sent about Irene and safety! Lots of cleanup to do here but we came through ok.

  16. cori @ cori's big mouth says:

    love the major changes that the subtle additions made! They look great!

  17. Sometimes we need to fluff our rooms a little, don’t we!!! 😀

    Your bathroom looks so nice with all the pretty accessories. Good job!

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