More Just Good Information

 More Just Good Information

I love hearing from you! Several of you have requested another post about just good information. Being someone who never wants to disappoint ( thank you type A personality, giggle) I sat down with a cup of tea and came up with these. I hope you will find some new and useful information in this post today. Here’s more just good information.






Oops you broke a glass, did you know you can use an extra large cotton ball to pick up the little slivers. The cotton fibers will collect the little slivers of glass you can barely see.



Poison ivy relief can be found in your kitchen. If you wash the affected area with liquid dish soap (within 2 hours of contact) it may prevent the red itchy rash from getting to awful

Spraying the inside of a plastic container with a little nonstick cooking spray can help prevent tomato based sauce stains from discoloring your plastic containers.


Canker sores can get relief from a dab of…milk of magnesia. It doesn’t “heal” it but relieves the discomfort. Dab the canker with a mixture of half and half water and hydrogen peroxide, then dab on the milk of magnesia.
When your little artist has used your wall as easel. Crayon marks can be removed by using a clean cloth with some mayonnaise on it. Then rinse with warm water.

I’ve used this one a few times! If you have a splinter You can use some masking tape to help remove it. Tape over the splinter and gently pull the tape and the splinter out.










Clean your glass vase with rice. I’ve shared plenty of rice tricks with you in the past. But did you know if you add ( uncooked) rice to a stained vase and shake and swirl the rice around the stains will come out. I love this trick. It’s so great for those narrow necked vases. Did you also know if you drop a penny  and a little pinch of sugar into your vase your fresh cut flowers will last a little longer ( changing water regularly can help too)


Using to much fabric softener makes your towel less absorbent and less fluffy too. So no need to over do with the liquid softener when washing towels. A little goes a long way.


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  1. Milk of magnesia was a godsend for my middle sons diaper rash. Not nearly as uncomfortable to clean off, between changes, either.

  2. WOW! I learned all kinds of things I never knew! Thanks!

  3. What a brilliant and helpful post today Katherine. Well done my friend! They’re all really good and I shall be printing off a copy for future reference. Loved the one about the cotton wool ball and the tiny glass slivers, and also, the one about the mayonnaise getting rid of crayon marks. (Now that one I WILL be using, I know!!).

  4. You forgot one, Katie. Visiting Katherines Corner puts a smile on your face.

  5. Great tips thanks! Um, I use peanut butter to get the pitch (from trees) off my car. Is that weird? It works though!

  6. Thanks so much….I am a fabric softner abuser! I did not know that I was actually killing the towels…you have helped immensely!

  7. I really like the tip about keeping plastic free from stains with the spray. That one will come in handy!!

  8. Love the rice idea for removing stains inside a vace. I’ve never heard that. Thanks!

  9. What great tips! I love the one about swishing rice around in a vase to get the stains out! I have a few narrow-necked vases that I’ll be trying this with!

  10. Now I know what to do next time I break a glass.
    And did you know dryer sheets repel gnats? Yes, you’ll look like an idiot with one attached to your shirt as you’re mowing the lawn, but you’ll be gnat bite-free afterwards!

  11. These are great. Do you know how many stained container I have?

  12. Great informational tips!! Who knew?? Thank you.

  13. You are a wealth of information!! I will use some of these tips!!

  14. what a great blog you have with interesting and fascinating posts! love it and thanks for commenting on my pictures on my blog.

  15. Awesome – now my plastic containers won’t look so grungy! Thanks!

  16. Wow, that was a great post and so informative! Thanks so much. And I esp. loved the cankor sore idea – I get them when I get stressed and oh they hurt so bad!!

  17. Thanks for all these helpful info, Katherine. I am going to follow you if I can figure it out, lol…Christine

  18. Great tips!

    The poison ivy relief is a good one. My husband seems to get this a lot. :-)

  19. Great tips! I am going try the rice in the vase tip now. Thanks

  20. I love your hints. I really needed the one about the plastic containers.

  21. Thank you very much Katie. This is very informative and interesting! I was learning all this for the first time.

  22. lovin’ these tips Katherine! I’ll be ‘rice-ing’ my vase tomorrow! Thank you!!

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