And They Are Off

It’s Black Friday and they are off! Off to start their holiday shopping, racing, eyes half opened, lists gripped tightly in there fists. The bargain hunters, the energizer bunnies of shopping. Not me!! I stay at home where it’s cozy, and I shop online. Tea in hand and still in my pajamas and slippers I visit small shops, independent artists and others to find my Christmas and holiday  gifts.


Did you shop on line of head for the Black Friday deals?

Reminding you about the Shop Small event here at Katherines Corner “Black Friday” discount code good for the entire weekend for my online shops Keepsakes By Katherine and Be Well Gifts  enter BKFR11 at checkout and receive your discount on your order. Also FREE shipping at my online Avon website for any order just use code CYBER2011. Go shopping right here at Katherines Corner too CLICK HERE To Buy It Now CLICK HERE to visit shops and don’t forget to stop by Gifts By Katherine too.

Tis The Season Giveaway announced tomorrow!

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  1. I’m afraid to even get into my car today… As I am about to go to bed… some people are just getting into their cars to get shopping. I plan to wake up tomorrow, grab my cup of coffee, and shop on-line! I’m with you on that, Katherine. Have a great day!

  2. I absolutely won’t be getting out in the crowds. I can’t stand to shop on a good day, tomorrow would be extreme torture.

  3. A much more civilized way to shop is on-line nowadays, isn’t it?! Especially as you are supporting the smaller outlets. That’s always a good thing. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday my friend. Hugs.

  4. My Black Friday is home in my jammies!! Never could stand crowds & l-o-n-g lines….
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  5. I just ordered a couple things online and I think I’m almost done!

  6. Jodi Hall says:

    I am skipping black friday this year.. it was crazy around here last night

  7. I shop online for everything. I miss shopping for my groceries that way. They need to bring that service here to South Carolina. I HATE SHOPPING in STORES!

  8. Not doing Black Friday and haven’t really ever. Years of working in Corporate America I take anytime over holidays I can to not be around people and rest and relax!! Wish you much luck for the holiday season and happy selling.!! Hugs,

  9. I’m with you….cozy in my pjs, mug of tea in hand, picking gifts online! I wouldn’t “do” Black Friday in person if you paid me!!

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