Christmas Candles

We have candles in our home all year long. We have lots of fancy ones burning during the holiday season.  I thought I would  share the story of Christmas candles ( as I learned it) with you today.




As the story was told to me, during the Advent season, the Christ Child wandered along the streets, in hope of finding homes where He would be given warmth and shelter. Candles placed in the windows of homes and churches indicated that there was a place where there was always room for the Christ child both in the building and in their hearts.

You may already know that the Christmas tree originated in Germany but did you know the first Christmas candle did too. Germany is the first country to place Christmas candles on the boughs of tree. Do you burn candles during the holidays?

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  1. Candles are one of the things from my old life that I miss. I still have a few, but rarely burn them. After about 5 minutes, scented candles give me a headache, fog my brain, make my throat hurt and the glands in my neck swell. Just can’t do ’em anymore.

  2. Like you, I have always loved candles as well. They are always so cheery and bright. I had never heard that story about Christmas candles before – very interesting, so thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Katherine says:

    HI, Katherine

    I never knew this. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing hope you and your family have a Bless Christmas.


  4. Yes, we burn candles too. I love candles, especially the scented ones!

  5. intersting. i didnt know about this. i dont hv candles on my christmas tree coz its a plastic one. dont have a live tree :(

  6. Jodi Hall says:

    i love candles! I have one burning right now :)

  7. Thank you for that information. Yes we do burn candles during the holiday. I love to have the house smell like a real pine tree!

  8. Very interesting Katie! Candles, especially red ones are always a part of our Christmas decorations. I do not burn all of them but Janine received a lovely Christmas lantern from Germany and a candle came in it. When the candle is lit it makes a beautiful sight!

  9. Katie, I love candles but alas allergies keep me from burning most of them. I have found that I can burn soy candles with no problem but not the scented since I am highly allergic to most perfumes. The soy candles are a good subsitiute.

    I am also allergic to a wood burning fire. The pits!
    xoxo Ginger

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