Dec 23 2011

From My Heart To Yours

Dear sweet bloggy friends, originally I had intended a different post for my Christmas message to you all. But, I heard this wonderful story and I want to share it with you instead. Because, to me, it is perfect.





A large church on the east coast was preparing for its annual Christmas program. All of the parts were assigned and a young man with downs syndrome was assigned the part of the inn keeper.

He was elated to be included in the big annual production. The Pastor, his family, friends , and church members all were encouraging him and helping him to learn his part.

On the big day the church was filled and everyone watched the beautiful program and waited in anticipation and hopefulness that the young man would be successful with his part.

As young Joseph and Mary crossed the stage and approached the innkeeper to ask for a place to stay, a hush fell over the crowd. They all waited for the young man to say his line.  “There is no room at the inn” he said clearly and perfectly.

You could hear a sigh, and see a collective smile on everyone’s face as they all were happy the young man had delivered his line so well.

As Mary and joseph walked away, the young man raised his hand in the air and said…” But, wait… there is room at my house”

When I heard this story, I cried. Not sad tears, but happy ones. This is the perfect Christmas message. There is room at my house too.

From my heart to yours I send sincere happy holiday wishes and a very Merry Christmas to all. Make Happy memories and I’ll be back next week. ( image free clipart)




Happy Hanukkah and Joyful Kwanzaa to everyone too. Hoping your holidays are filled with good things:-)

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  1. Ms. A

    Merry Christmas, Katherine! Hugs!

  2. claudia lamascolo

    Beautiful! Thank you and Merry Christmas Buon Natale

  3. Shady Del Knight

    The world needs more people like that young man, Katie. It also needs more people like you who share helpful information, positive energy and love throughout the year.

    Merry Christmas, dear friend!

  4. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Wow!! What an amazing story! Love it! Merry Christmas! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Odie Langley

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.
    Odie & Linda

  6. small Kucing

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. sue

    Oh what a sweet story Katherine, thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you and your dear family very blessed and joyous Christmas.

  8. Kathy

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  9. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    That is sweet!
    Merry Christmas, Katherine!

  10. Linda

    This is soooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a Blessed Christmas!

  11. Curtains in my Tree

    I heard that story on the Today show i believe

    Merry Christmas & Happy NEw Year

  12. thistlewoodfarm

    What a wonderful story! That is what we all should be sharing! Thank you so much for this post! It’s what I needed to hear today!

    Merry Christmas blessings,

  13. Tammy

    What a fantastic story – loved it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Cecilia Marie Pulliam

    A wonderful story, Katherine. A truth well spoken. There is room at my house as well. Thank you for sharing this. May you have a most blessed Christmas and New Year!

  15. Bouncin Barb

    Truly a great story that is sure to make everyone smile! Happy Holidays to you too!

  16. thisisme

    Beautiful post my friend, and, yes, I agree with Shady, the world needs more young men like that in it! Sending blessings to you and your family at this special Christmas time.

  17. All Natural Katie

    Thank you so much for sharing! I am always amazed that children and those who are mentally/physically disabled are able to live the word of God without evening thinking twice. The story is a great reminder of how we should act and think all the time.

  18. Susan Burns

    Have the Merriest Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

  19. Sue

    It is always nice to read a sweet Christmas story. This one made me tear up. Wonderful! Merry Christmas, Katherine. ~ Sue

  20. Deborah

    That is a very sweet story, thank you for sharing it.
    Merry Christmas!

  21. GraceinAZ

    How perfect! This gave me goosebumps! Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  22. Maggie Mallard

    What a beautiful story! So happy you shared it with us. Brought tears to my eyes.
    Just wanted to say hello and to wish you a very Merry Christmas

  23. andrea cammarata

    oh miss Kath — you bring happy tears to my eyes! ( pure heart of innocence) Bless you and yours and there is always room here : ) sending you tons of hugs and much love…

  24. Nina

    Good morning my dear friend – today I wish you all the best blessings for Christmas and the new year. Looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months and years, and treasuring our long-distance friendship. Praying for you, too, everyday! Love this story, thank you so much for sharing it with us all. I love you, my sweet friend, Nina

  25. New End Studio

    From the mouths of innocents- this is a moment of truth. TFS, Katherine!

    Merry Christmas!

  26. Heidemarie

    Dear Katherine,
    Beautiful story!…Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!…Heidi

  27. Camille

    Beautiful story, Katherine. Merry Christmas from our house to yours ~

  28. Linda

    Beautiful and touching story. Merry Christmas

  29. Teresa

    So, so sweet, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

  30. Create With Joy

    I LOVE this story! Merry Christmas to you, dear friend!


  31. Kathryn Ross

    Merriest of Christmases to you, Katherine! Joy in His blessings – your sweetness and love pours from your blog and posts – be ye so blessed this holiday season!

  32. Susan Burns

    That’s a very sweet story and warmed my heart. My wish is that
    everyone could open their hearts to their fellow man and do a
    kindness when needed. Thank you, Katie. Merry Christmas and
    we’ll talk to you next week when you get back!

  33. Mina

    Sending a warm merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, sweet Katherine.

  34. xxsquigglesxx

    I’m stopping by from the Monday Mingle hop. I’ve started following your blog via GFC.

    Visit my blog: here

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