Christmas Memories

Can you believe it has come and gone? Christmas….. it’s over…..all over, until next year.  imagine my sad face here, giggle.I hope you all had a wonderful time making happy memories. We had a lovely celebration, but it was all on Christmas eve. Our daughter,son in law and all of our beautiful grandchildren( all five) came over. It was wonderful. Lots of laughter, a mountain of wrapping paper,( ready to be recycled) and far to much food.

Christmas day was very quiet. Just the two of us. It was really  nice. My husband is a wonderful person to spend time with. This year we ( hubby and I) did something fun with our gifts. We decided to buy one thing we want, one thing we need, and one surprise gift for each other. I think we are going to do this every year from now on. How do you determine how many gifts to buy?

There was one disappointing event during the Christmas celebration..only a few of my photos came out! Not sure what happened but most of them turned out blurry. Imagine my disappointment when I uploaded a bunch of blurry photos .ugh…Some photographer I am………..Still not sure what happened. I’ve changed out everything now, cleaned the camera, put in new batteries and it seems to be working fine now. I am grateful my sweet hubby recorded the celebration on our camcorder. We made wonderful Christmas memories.

How was your holiday?

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  1. Katherine, my wife and I had a peaceful Christmas just like yours. My wife tends to get me a couple big items and I get her a lot of little things, because that’s what make us happy! Sorry about your photos. I take blurry shots as well.

  2. andrea cammarata says:

    you are looking HAPPY and wonderful!!!! i am so sorry that the camera gave you some trouble : ( glad though it is back up and running! sending you tons of hugs!!!!

  3. Our’s was quiet and laid back as there are no small children at our home, except for our baby Rocky. We did go to Linda’s sister-in-law’s house for a family gathering and meal which was good. I won’t be with my girls until the 8th of Jan. due to scheduling with them all living so far apart. Tuesday morning already and a short week at work with another long weekend ahead. So glad you had a great Christmas day and hope this week is just as great.

  4. Glad you had a very Merry Christmas! Bummer about the photos…but glad he got it recorded! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Christmas was very different…but still good! It was our first one without everyone in the family and without a tree, but we made different memories! I always tell my kids that December 26 is the saddest day of the year!! But, I am ready to take the decor down and move on! Sorry, about your pictures…I have had that happen and it is a bummer….

  6. DH & I had a Peaceful Christmas Day!!
    Happy New Year ! !

  7. Hi Katherine! It sounds as though you had a wonderful holiday. We also had a nice Christmas too. I celebrated Christmas Eve at my mom’s house with family. Then, on Christmas Day, we all went to the movies! Now I’m ready to put all the Christmas decorations away!

  8. My holiday was quiet too. Nothing much. Just hanging out with some friends :)

  9. Beautiful picture Katherine! I am glad you had an enjoyable holiday. I spent it with my family. Today is also a holiday in Jamaica, Boxing Day. It will be another peaceful day with family. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

  10. sounds wonderful. glad you had such a nice Christmas. mine was joyful and peaceful…we didnt try to do too much and it was the best !

    – KAT –

  11. Hi Katherine. So glad you were all together on Christmas Eve. It all went far too quickly really, didn’t it?! What a real shame about your photos though :(

  12. No I can’t believe it… Where did it go… :) Your picture is ADORABLE!!

  13. Glad you had such a great Christmas!

  14. I am happy that your holidays went nicely. Sorry about the photos though but that’s the new technical age for you.
    The photo of you both here is just wonderful and it is lovely to see your faces looking so happy.
    Hugs and have a great rest of the week.

  15. What a good looking couple you make. We celebrated with my daughter and SIL on Christmas Eve also and Christmas day was nice and quiet. We watched the biblical movies all day on Turner Classic Movies channel. My stepson is here
    with us for a week and Mr. Glen Oaks is so happy. They are doing “guy things” as I write. Glad you had such a happy Christmas.

  16. sounds like a nice Christmas to me! I love it when it is just us on Christmas day. Running from house to house is fine on any other day, but I like staying home with my immediate family on that day. Sorry about the photos. Bummer. :(

  17. What a shame about the photos. Yours are always so amazing, I’ll bet you were disappointed. Perhaps you could have a do-over and have everyone re-enact Christmas Eve. I wouldn’t do it, but you could!

  18. Your photo here looks great! My photography skills are pathetice..I am learning though!

  19. We had a tense one at my Step-daughters – stayed two days and came home with two of the grandkids in tow. My kids are in other states, so not always able to spend holidays with them. As for gifts, hubby and I decided a couple of years ago to use our gift money to help friends who are struggling financially. We don’t really need more “stuff” anyway.
    Looking forward to a NEW year!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  20. Sounds like you two had a lovely day.
    So sorry about the photos. Glad you have them in your heart.

  21. Cecilia Marie Pulliam says:

    I too had a quiet, but wonderful holiday. It is hard to believe Christmas has come and now is gone, and another year is about to begin. Blessings to you, Katherine, today and all through the New Year.

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