Soy Nut Cookies Gluten Free

Soy Nut Cookies Gluten Free

I have had several requests for allergy free recipes. I have several allergies myself .We don’t eat peanuts but we do eat soy nuts and soy nut butter. This Soy Nut Cookies ,Gluten Free recipe was altered and adopted from a peanut butter cookie recipe. It is sugar free, peanut free and gluten free!



soy nut cookies gluten free

What You Need

1 cup soy nut butter verify it is the gluten free brand ( creamy or crunchy)

1 1/3 cups sugar substitute  and a bit more for crisscross * ( Splenda is best)

1 Large egg

1 ¼  tsp vanilla extract

Non stick cooking spray

Parchment paper or aluminum foil

Baking sheet

Large mixing bowl

Wire cooling racks

Before You Start : Preheat the oven to 350 ° and prepare your baking sheet .

Lets Make It! In a bowl combine soy nut butter and sugar substitute. Mix together evenly with a fork ( it is sticky) add egg and vanilla and blend together well. Spray your palms with a little non stick cooking spray ( to keep the cookie dough balls from sticking) and roll the dough into one inch sized balls. Place onto your baking sheet about three inches apart. Dip a fork into the sugar substitute and press a *crisscross pattern onto each cookie ( it looks good and adds a bit more sweet). Bake for 12 minutes or until firm ( they may turn slightly golden in color) remove from the oven and cool on baking sheet for about 3 minutes then remove and place on cooling rack.





Makes about one dozen- Note- these cookies literally melt in your mouth and just one or two will curb any sweet cravings you may have.

**Katies Tid Bits* don’t need it to be peanut free, just use peanut butter ( make sure it is a gluten free brand)




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  1. wanna faint …been having too many cookies lately….non-stop since Xmas…to new year and now Chinese New Year

  2. I hear of more and more people going gluten free. I’ll stick with peanut butter and real sugar! I love peanut butter cookies!

  3. I love soy! I am going to have to try these ~ yum!
    xo Catherine

  4. Thanks, Katie. This is just what I need for the new food plan I’m supposed to follow. I will substitute with the peanut butter after I try the soy nut butter to see which one I like better.

  5. I have no problems with peanut butter, but I do know soy is really healthy for a body.

  6. mmm sound great :0) thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays …

  7. Wow, these sound good. I have a sister with Crohn’s and she can’t eat flour. I bet she would like this recipe. Thank you.

  8. I am not allergic but try to eat gluten free so I can’t wait to try this one.

  9. That’s a great recipe, so useful and on time! I got a cousin with allergy who’s coming to visit and would love to impress her with my cooking. Now I have something for dessert! Thank you for sharing, Katherine!

    And thank you for joining my reader’s list and letting me find your blog this way.
    I’m your new follower too!

  10. Oh.. wonderful recipe. I am certainly going to have to try this one.
    Hope Tuesday is a lovely day for you!

  11. Thank you for gluten free recipe! My son has been told he must follow a gluten free diet, so this is wonderful – I’ll make him some today!


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