Do You Have The Room

Do you have the room for a  Katherines Corner  or   Keepsakes By Katherine ad on your  blog? Do  you have space for rent on your side bars precious real estate?

I am looking for places to advertise Katherines Corner ( buttons are HERE) and my shop, Keepsakes By Katherine.


I am bound and determined to have my shop discovered this year.

The button image is below.To get the code please Click HERE

I always welcome new bloggy friends, so I want to do what I can to have Katherines Corner connected to as many friends as possible. I am nervous that  Katherines Corner will be forgotten when the GFC follow is gone……………that’s normal, right?


Please contact me if you are interested and please let me how much you charge, or if you would be interested in a trade of some kind. Remember I create blog graphics at  Made It For


Have you entered the Sweetheart Giveaway?

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  1. I don’t get much traffic, so it probably won’t help… but Keepsakes is in my sidebar.

    I didn’t use a button, I just created a link on your little Keepsake pic. Hope that’s okay.

  2. Katherine I have added my main blog ‘News From Italy’ to your list and also signed up to receive your updates by email. It is such a shame that GFC is ceasing to exist. Google Plus as another way of keeping in touch I have found you there but it says you need to add me before I can add back!
    My blogs are not a moneymaking enterprise but I have happily added your button to my Badge Page, although it does not appear to be a clickable link? A reciprocal add would be appreciated of course. :)

  3. I’d love to talk to you about advertising on

  4. Following on linkys.

  5. I have pinned one of your bridal bouquet charms. A couple of my Pinterest followers repin anything bridal. Hope that helps.

  6. I’ve got 2 blogs & growing followers every day. Would love to have you there cash or trade. email me.

  7. I think i can help you with you. Why not contact me so that we talk business..
    You can use my contact form in my blog. Hope you have a great day my sweet friend..xoxo

  8. The very next buy handmade crafts post I do I will place a banner ad for you. I don’t do many but the next one is all yours.

  9. I can put whatever button on my blog that you’d like or all of them!

  10. Hi Katie,
    I hope you are fine. I sent you an email yesterday about this. Take care and have a good day.

  11. I’d be happy to put you on my main page and trade for a button. I already have you on my fav blog page! email me when you can!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  12. Katherine..would be happy to place on my sidebar!

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