Meals On Monday Making It With Lemons

We have had a crazy busy weekend.One of our granddaughter’s had a birthday, we worked around the house and in the yard, and we had one other very special thing occupying a lot of our time this weekend ( I’ll be blogging about it on Friday). Although the weather wasn’t very warm ( fine by me) we enjoyed some refreshing lemonade.The  eazy peazy recipe is below.

If you visit my corner of the blog world regularly you know I love the flavor of lemons. I have shared  lemon recipes with you recently lemon cake  and in the past, lemon cupcakes and a lemon drip cake.  I didn’t have time to whip up anything for today’s recipe ( lemonade recipe doesn’t really count does it?) So I am sharing some lemon yumminess from around the blogosphere. Click on the image or recipe title to visit the blog that has shared. ( all images belong to their respective blogs)

What You Need

2 Cups fresh lemon juice ( about 8 lemons)

1 Quart water

1 3/4 Cups Splenda ( or sugar)

1 Quart pitcher

1 Cup ice cubes

Long Spoon

Lets Make It! Combine all ingredients into the pitcher,stir and add ice. :-)

now for more lemons goodness…

Mini Lemon Basil Bundt Cakes from created by Diane

Lemon Pudding Cakes from Mamas Gotta Bake

Lemon Donuts from The Flour Child

Lemon Raspberry Bars from Brandys Baking

What’s your favorite lemon recipe?



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  1. I used to love lemonade, not sure why it doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Makes my mouth pucker just thinking about it. I do love lemon cake.

  2. I love the lowly lemon and I love lovers of the lowly lemon. That would be you, Katie! Have a fine day and week, dear friend!

  3. Ow….they are making me drool.


  4. Brandy's Baking says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my lemon-raspberry bars! :)

  5. Hi Katherine,
    I also love lemons! I have some in my kitchen at this time. Wow! So many wonderful lemon recipes are featured here. Thanks for sharing this on Creative Monday and have a great day.

  6. Deborah says:

    This is just filled with yum! I love everything lemon.

  7. Lemon anything is so very refreshing. Thank you for sharing such delicious looking recipes. Sounds like you made lots of family memories this past weekend. Blissful Lemony Sunshine…

  8. thye all look good enough to eat! yum!

  9. This makes me smile as I remember the girls faces all puckered up as they salted and then attempted to eat their lemon wedges I’d served with our grilled Salmon last night. We Love lemons too , so I’ll be sure to visit the sites you’ve shared. Thanks.

  10. Like you, I love all things lemon! Warm weather is here, and it’s the perfect time for homemade lemonade!

  11. Hi Katherine. My, you’ve certainly had a busy weekend my friend. Like you, I love lemons, and all the recipes for us today look really scrummy. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Oh, those little lemon donuts! It all looks fab and I can’t wait to have a little time to spend in the kitchen.

  13. Looks delicious. Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am following you on Google+ and Pinterest, I visited your store and hearted it. Thanks again and have a great Monday.

  14. What an absolutely ‘refreshing’ post! I think I could just about sink my teeth into everything shown here! Happy Monday to you sweet Katherine! xoxo

  15. Lemon is one of my fav drinks, and i love the lemon donuts.. Thanks for sharing once again.. I have a question, what type of camera do you use for your shots?? And thanks for sharing the hop with your readers. Wishing you a great week :-))

  16. All of these lemon yummies are really tempting me today. I hope you are doing well, and happy birthday to your sweet granddaughter.

  17. very creative! and wonderful pics :)

  18. I am addicted to lemonade but have never made it at home (silly now that I think about it…) so I will bookmark this page and give it a shot!

  19. You have the best pictures. I don’t even like most of this stuff, but it sure does look good!

  20. The Lemon Bars. When my Mom was dying of cancer all she would eat at night was a bite or two of sweets. I asked her what sweet she would want and she always wanted a lemon bar. You see in the 20’s when she was young, her Mom aIways made them for her.So it was a important memory taste for her. I made them fresh for her and we enjoyed them together over tea by her hospital bed at her house. If she woke during the night she would sometimes ask for another bite of the lemon bar. When someone you love is dying, it is absolute joy to be able to give them what they want in their last days. I will never lose that picuture of her enjoying just a bite of a fresh baked lemon bar. Wonderful sweet, heartbreaking memories, I still cry 3 years later when I see a receipe for Lemon bars and I have not been able to eat one since. Maybe someday. I had to stop going to coffee shops because they all sell them and I would start crying at the sight of a yummy lemon bar. Just the smell of Lemon right now still gets to me but I adore lemon flavored baked goods. Your receipes are divine, I am putting them away in my receipe folder for someday in the future to bake in memory of my Mom .

  21. I wasn’t even aware that so much could be done with lemons. My 8 year old will love making that lemonade.

    Thanks for following my blog.

  22. Oh wow I love anything with lemons this time of year :)


  23. I guess people will think I’m crazy, but I love lemon better than chocolate! LOL

  24. MMmmmmmm…pass those lemon donuts, please! I love lemon, too!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  25. Oh my, I love lemons, anything lemon. That would be ever since I would suck lemons as a child. Didn’t suck eggs though!
    I feel a lemon day coming on. Thanks for sharing your lemonade recipe and sharing the others. Can we say pinning. Thanks folks. Ginger

  26. I am a lemon girl too, Katherine, and these recipes look and sound yummy. Fresh lemonade is my dh’s favorite summer drink, thanks for sharing your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love lemons! Lemonade in the summer time is so refreshing!

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