May 11 2012

May Days Giveaway

It’s Giveaway Time! I am giving you a jump start on Summer with the May Days Giveaway! Fingers crossed there will be plenty of participation for this one. I bought the tote and the necklace and was looking for a little something else to give you when I received an email from Jeremy. He is the representative for the designer Jennifer Ouellette. He generously offered to provide a prize for the giveaway. Not one, not two, not even three, but four Jennifer Ouellette headbands! The two headbands pictured and two more ( surprises). So lets get your summer off to a great start with some fun accessories.

Prize- beach tote, flower necklace and four headbands!

Entering is easy. There is only one mandatory entry all other entries are extra opportunities to win.

MANDATORY Entry You must follow Katherines Corner through email,  or linky follower. ( on my right sidebar). Or you can also be a follower through twitter, facebook, or google plus. Just leave a comment to enter and mention which way you follow ( for verification)


For one entry- Visit the Jennifer Ouellete website and come back and leave a comment about your favorite item.

For one entry- Follow Katherines Corner on facebook, or twitter, or google plus  , leave a comment for each follow

For one entry -tweet or mention the giveaway on twitter or facebook ( one mention per day) please leave the link in the comments

For two entries, place the May Days Giveaway button  ( from my right sidebar or copy and paste the image below with a link back to Katherines Corner) on your blog, please leave a comment where I can find it.

   button image






For three entries- write a blog post about this giveaway, please leave the link to the post in the comments

Giveaway starts today May 11 and ends at 6 pm ( MST) on May31st. It is open to residents of the US, UK, Canada and Australia  and Any Other Country that allows delivery of this type. * Thank you for your bloggy friendship and participation at Katherines Corner!

* some countries may not allow this type of prize to be shipped please check with your postal customs rules and  regulations to determine if your country is among them.Katherines Corner takes no responsibility for lost or misdirected mail to countries outside of the US.

Are you having a Giveaway? Please let me know :-) Happy Mother’s Day weekend!!!

Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank you ♥

I do my best to reply to all comments via email, please be patient with me ♥

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  1. Ms. A

    Nice stuff. I’m not entering, but someone is going to be very lucky!

  2. claudia lamascolo

    What beautiful giveaways just love that necklace too gorgeous!

  3. Sherri

    Katherine, it’s nice that you’re giving away such pretty “girly” things. Love the bag & the headbands…I follow you through e-mail :o) Have a blessed Day!

  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    Would love to win…please enter me…I will do additional entries this week.

  5. Wendy

    Nice giveaway:) Following via email.

  6. Linda

    I like Jennifer’s headbands best. I follow this blog and your twitter account. Great giveaway! Thanks, Katherine!

  7. Barbara F.

    Oh do count me in, Katie! Great giveaway! xo

  8. Barbara F.

    I follow on Email. xo

  9. Claire

    I follow gfc under eclairre.

  10. Claire

    My fave item is #EL30GSR

  11. annie

    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day

  12. Ann

    Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway. I’d love to win. I’m following.

  13. Anita

    I follow you on facebook. What a great giveaway.

  14. Missy

    I follow you! I think through google since you are in my google reader, its hard to remember how I follow everyone! LOL

  15. Di@cottage-wishes

    Oh yes I follow you, love the hop! Thanks for such a great give away. Di@cottage-wishes

  16. Di@cottage-wishes

    I love her headbands! they are great….thank you Di @cottage-wishes

  17. Christena Hammes

    Love the collage on Jennifer Ouellete’s site.

    and I follow you on Fb

  18. Lexie

    What a wonderful give a way for summer time. I live at the beach and use headbands and beach tote’s all summer long. Beach totes are a big part of my life. At designer Jennifer Ouellette’s website I love the leopard print headbands. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing give a away. I follow by email.

  19. Pat

    Good luck to all those who enter this generous give-away!

  20. Sue Muscate

    I saw your wonderful site on my G+ stream…Just signed up to get your site at G+ and in one of my e-mails too…Beautiful images and talent go hand in hand at Katherine’s Corner.

  21. Leah

    Oh what lovely items you are giving away this time! Wishing you a beautiful weekend & Happy Mother’s Day! ~Hugs, xoxo

  22. Katherine

    Hi, Katie

    I love the zig zag bow skinny head band.

  23. Katherine

    I tweet about the giveaway!

  24. Katherine

    I posted to my Facebook page.

  25. Evelyn

    I would love to enter, I always like to play:) I just posted your giveaway button on my sidebar.

  26. Elisabeth

    I follow Katherines Corner through FB (Elisabeth Good)

  27. Elisabeth

    I adore the Exclusive Sample For Leopard Ribbon Style and would love to wear it! :)

  28. Elisabeth

    I Follow Katherines Corner on twitter @egood33

  29. Jacque

    What a fabulous giveaway! I receive your posts in my email inbox! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  30. Patrice

    I already follow you by e-mail. Please enter me in this giveaway.

  31. Patrice

    I like the silk floral painting brocade headband.

  32. Melissa B

    I follow Katherines Corner thru email. =)

  33. Melissa B

    I love the Lrage Comb With Two Spiral Feathers And Two Tone Side Bow on the
    Jennifer Ouellette website!

  34. Melissa B

    I follow you on twitter and I posted your giveaway on twitter =)

  35. Novita Bunga Brillianty

    i’ve followed you via email, twitter and facebook ^^

  36. Novita Bunga Brillianty

    all things at Jennifer Ouellette are cute! thanks for this giveaway! but the most i love is quid headpiece felt pound shape on skinny grosgrain headband, and assorted button pony! i wish i have two both lol ^^

  37. Novita Bunga Brillianty

    i’ve followed you via google plus too! :D

  38. Novita Bunga Brillianty

    i’ve tweet about this giveaway! https://twitter.com/novbb/statuses/201496483315458048

  39. Novita Bunga Brillianty

    contact me at nvitb@ymail.com :)

  40. Becky

    Following you thru Linky Followers! :)

  41. andrea

    Happy Mother’s Day my friend! Wishing you the best day ever : ) hugs…

  42. Jann Olson

    Hi Katherine, very nice give away. What a way to celebrate May! I follow you throught GFC. and Google plus.

  43. Jann Olson

    I am placing your give away button on my sidebar. Thanks again!

  44. Jann Olson

    I follow Katherines Corner through e-mail.

  45. Jann Olson

    I like Katherines Corner on fb. Glad to be your friend!

  46. pembrokeshire lass

    Hi, what a wonderful giveaway! I have joined as a follower and really cannot choose which item I like best on the other website. BTW looked at your other blogs. My husband loves fish and chips too and my USA friends always want to go to get them as soon as they arrive! I loved the blog with the purple coloured flowers…beautiful! thanks for hosting this giveaway. Sounds wonderful! Joan

  47. Larissa T.

    Following on Twitter!

  48. Larissa T.

    Following on G+ (I think. I’m not sure how to mess with G+ very well yet.)

  49. Larissa T.

    I loved the last hat, on the Jennifer Ouellette site’s homepage!

  50. shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Hopped over and I love the Narrow Animal print headband!!…Gorgeous things!

  51. shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    I am a happy follower and like you on Facebook!

  52. Nicole@Show Off Friday Blog Hop

    Hi Katherine,
    Thanks for linking up to my new blog hop! Those are great prizes. Count me in. I am now following you on twitter -comet471!

  53. Little Susie Home Maker

    Katherine, this is a lovely give-away. I follow you a few ways, on google+, and e-mail.
    Have a blessed week!

  54. Keeping Up-To-Date

    Hi Katherine! I follow you through email, Google+, and GFC…I think Twitter and Facebook too. Very beautiful products. I especially liked the Ivory velvet leaves head band. It also comes in brown velvet leaves. I would wear them often.

    1. Keeping Up-To-Date

      Hi my Friend…I put your badge in my side menu, on my blog at http://www.botanical-balance.com. Enjoy your evening! :D

  55. Sonia Parham

    Hi Katherine. I have tweeted your giveaway. :)

  56. Sonia Parham

    Hi again… I’m a follower :) This is an awesome giveaway.

  57. Evelyn

    Thanks ever so much for linking up to Freedom Fridays! I so love the giveaways. Still enjoying following (and learning from) you:) Thank you , my friend.

  58. Savannah Granny

    I am in this awesome giveaway. I already follow through email.
    thanks for the giveaway, Ginger

  59. Creative Mind

    How Nice..Thanks for sharing this giveaway! I am already a follower :)

  60. Pamela R

    I follow you through linky

  61. Pamela R

    I follow you on twitter

  62. Pamela R

    Liked your page on FB

  63. Pamela R

    Follow you G+

  64. Pamela R


    Economy Collage Mosaic Double Band

    Is a HOOT!!!!!

  65. Queenie Believe

    A beautiful May giveaway indeed! So many lovely things!
    I follow your blog via email! Yay!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  66. Kate Wagstaff

    I found you through Linkdin :) Now following by email

  67. Kate Wagstaff

    Shared the giveaway on my personal page

    1. Kate Wagstaff

      sorry – FaceBook page

  68. Theresa L Begin

    Okay, Katheren, You got me!!! I’ve now become your Giveaway groupie..hehe
    So I am Google +1’ing you~

  69. Theresa L Begin

    I have now share a link on Shoestring Elegance’s Facebook page :)

  70. Theresa L Begin

    I have now subscribed to your blog by e-mail, not that I wouldn’t anyway, it really is very nice!!~Theresa.

  71. Theresa L Begin

    I will come back after I post your Giveaway Button on my blog, boy the things one will go through to get some lovely goodies, eh? Okay, linking up!

  72. Theresa L Begin

    Okay, Katherine, This comment is to say Thank you for the invitation and for visiting my blog and to add another 1 last entry, I have now posted your button on my blog, there, My Dear Katherine, Can I win now? Please accept my apologies for the mistake on your name in my 1st entry, it won’t happen again!! xo. ~Theresa.

  73. Theresa L Begin

    Hey, guess what? I have another entry, I’ve found your corner on F/B and now Shoestring Elegance’s f/b like Katherine’s Corner f/b…hehe..I’m so tired I’ve gone a little batty!! Hugs, Ciao! Theresa.

  74. SallyAnn

    Great give-a-way. I follow you via email.

  75. SallyAnn

    Love the Fancy Chiffon Leaves And Rhinestone Branches barrette. So pretty and feminine.

  76. SallyAnn

    I don’t do much on facebook but I LIKED you on it. Is that the same as following you? Not sure.

  77. SallyAnn

    I just posted about the giveaway on my blog here

  78. Lavender Dreams

    I’m a follower with google! What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks I also get your emails!

  79. Lavender Dreams

    The beach totes are my favs! Love the beachcombing category!

  80. ColleenB.

    I follow you via email.
    Thank you on this giveaway opportunity

  81. Kenya G. Johnson

    I’m already a follower. I love the cuff bracelet but I’ll sit this one out and up someone else’s chances ;-)

  82. bj

    I would love to win this fabulous giveaway.
    I am a long-time follower…
    and I am taking your button to my sidebar.

  83. Evelyn

    I am so glad you shared this giveaway at Freedom Fridays! Hope you have a great week, my friend:)

  84. Lindsay Ferrin

    I really like the Black Eyelet Turban!

  85. Lindsay Ferrin

    Followed you on Facebook (Lindsay Ferrin)

  86. Lindsay Ferrin

    Oops, actually wrong twitter! I followed you as @theferretnest :)

  87. Cathy

    I followed you through email and on facebook.
    I’m not much of a hat person but I love her headbands.
    My favorite is the model: PP3GSR Multi Colored Metallic Leather Pieces headband.

  88. Jennifer Reep Hall

    I followed via twitter. My twitter name is @jennielynn35

  89. meredith

    i follow on google+

  90. meredith

    such cute stuff at Jennifer Ouellete website – i like the EL30MC

  91. meredith

    I Follow Katherines Corner on facebook,

  92. jara Christensen

    Following Katherine’s Corner through linky! As jara Gabrielle


  93. jara Christensen

    This is by far my favorite, how cute! “Toyo Headpiece With Side Bow On Pagoda & Under Bow On Headband”


  94. jara Christensen

    Liked Katherines Corner on facebook! as Jara Gabrielle


  95. jara Christensen

    Following Katherines Corner on Twitter! As Accessintel


  96. jara Christensen

    Following Katherines Corner on Google plus! As Jara Christensen


  97. Kathy Moody

    I am a follower through email and Linky!

  98. Kathy Moody

    I love the extra wide plaid knot headband. So cute.

  99. Kathy Moody

    I am a follower on G+

  100. Kathy Moody

    I just liked you on FB! :)

  101. Kathy Moody

    I also followed on Twitter! Thank you for the giveaway.

  102. Lattejunkie

    Love the necklace. I follow via reader x

  103. simone

    I follow you-thanks for the cange to win. Very cute things.

  104. Tammy Hoffa

    FB follower

  105. Tammy Hoffa

    email subscriber

  106. Tammy Hoffa

    Love the animal print turban band

  107. Theresa L Begin

    Love your Title heading with the Roses, Katie!1 It really looks beautiful!

  108. carolyn - homework

    Really pretty prizes – just beautiful.
    FYI – I have a new feature on my blog – a giveaway linky party. Feel free to hop over and promote your giveaway. http://carolynshomework.blogspot.com/p/promote-your-giveaway-link-party.html

  109. Kelly Kendall

    I like the Grosgrain Band With Tonal Veiling hairband from Jennifer’s website

  110. Nancy W

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  111. Nancy W

    I follow you on Twitter too.

  112. Nancy W

    Follow you on Facebook!

  113. Nancy W

    I visited Jennifer’s website, how to choose just one item! I do like the 1″ Grosgrain Band With Side Ribbon Tie Trim in purple!!

  114. Nancy W

    I posted the giveaway on my facebook page – On The Home Front

  115. gina toothe

    i am an e-mail follower

  116. gina toothe

    i follow Katherine’s Corner via FB as well ;)

  117. gina toothe

    i am also following Katherine’s Corner via Google+

  118. gina toothe

    i thought the Cotton Pique Trilby hat was very cute and the Summer Trilby one also, but i love alot of the headbands as well (esp 1″ Grosgrain band with side ribbon tie trim). Too hard to chose just one item ;)

  119. A Petite Cottage

    Oh Katherine,
    I hope I am not too late to enter…What an awesome giveaway. Will be keeping my little fingers crossed. Oh and I follow your sweet blog through Linky :-) Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  120. gina toothe

    i shared about this giveaway on my FB wall~Gina Fiorini Toothe

  121. Thrifted Shift

    What cute items! I’m in and following you via bloglovin!

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