Kindergarten Tears

Time for Tid Bit Tuesday

I notice that back to school is the theme throughout the great blogsphere these days. Our grandchildren are all getting ready to go back to school too. All but one ( Jonah is still to young).  I don’t recall my first day of kindergarten. I do remember a lot about kindergarten. But not the first day :-)

But, I do remember taking my sweet baby to her first day of school ( she’s 32 years old now). She wore ruffled socks, a pretty skirt and a blouse with ruffles on the front. Her hair was extra bouncy ( curly). She was excited to be at school. She kissed me and ran into class.I waited in the doorway to make sure she found her seat. I waved goodbye and on my way out I started to cry and my shoulders hung low. I noticed another crying mommy standing outside on the sidewalk. I started a conversation with her and invited her to coffee. We were friends for a long time after that ( she moved away and we lost touch).

I have written about school before. If you missed it here’s post one School Shopping Click Here and here’s post two The Sweet Smell of Crayons Click Here

Do you remember your first day of school?


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  1. Seems like it was just yesterday I was getting each of mine off to kindergarten. The time has flown by and now they have experienced it with their own kids. (no kindergarteners this year, though, they’re all beyond that, now)

  2. Raquel - 2dayswoman says:

    I cried on my eldest daughters first day of school, I thought it would be easier with my second daughter but surprisingly; I cried again. I was better prepared second time around and met my friend for a coffee.
    I can’t remember my first day at school (don’t know if thats good or bad :-) )

  3. Hi, Katie! There was no kindergarten in my school district and therefore I began first grade at age five. I remember my first day of school because my elderly teacher got me confused with another boy with an almost identical name and sent him home on my school bus. My mother was waiting for me at the stop and panicked when I didn’t get off the bus. She raced to the school just in time to prevent my teacher from placing me on the other kid’s bus and shipping me off to the opposite side of the district.

  4. I don’t remember my first day, but I do remember both my girls. We had just moved across the country from CA to CT and I watched my little 5-year-old climb onto that big bus (they wanted all kids to take the bus – no doubt to avoid all us mommy types crowding the halls). I had my youngest (about a year at that point) cuddled in my arms as I watch the bus pull away. I know she has to grow up, but that was one of the worse days of my life. Yesterday was her first day in high school. It all goes so fast.

  5. I don’t. I just remember thinking the school yard was huge! I was back home a few years ago, drove past the old school and was shocked by how not big it looked.

  6. I don’t actually remember my first day of kindergarten but I do have two small photos of me and my BFF at the time walking to school together on the first day of 1st grade. Back in those days girls were not allowed to wear pants to school. It was not until my 4th grade year that they allowed girls to wear pants to school… Crazy my today’s standards… I do believe I just totally dated my self -lol-
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. Oh Katherine my son is going for his first time in JK this year. I;m so anxious about it!

  8. Dear friend, your memory is our well.
    You made ​​me travel back in time.
    It’s so easy to remember the rich details too.
    I believe that we will take with us into eternity.
    That is love.


  9. Seems like yesterday when my son took his first steps through the door of his kindergarten class….all the children with tears…of the unknown…of leaving the safety of their mom’s arms….but noooo, not my son….he ran into the class, looked back with a big smile and said, “bye mom, see you later”…..that’s my son…he loved school and being with other kids…and my granddaughter did the same thing to my son!…it all comes full circle!…

  10. I do remember my first day of kindergarten! As if it were yesterday! We all got there and the teacher said, “Oh my, there are too many of you. You, you and you and you will go into first grade instead.” I was scared to death! So I only went to kindergarten for an hour.

  11. Deborah says:

    I have very poor memory but I do remember my first day of kindergarten. I did not want to go and put up a big fuss. The principle took around to see my brother, sister and cousin in their classes. Then the nurse of the school drew a cat on my hand with mercurochrome. That’s all I know!

  12. Ah, the resounding theme right now, including over on my blog. :)
    I think we cry because we know it’s the beginning of the end of their sweet, dependent toddler days. That time is so fleeting, and so precious.

    Hugs to all the parents going through the Kindergarten thing… and just a note… I. will. not. cry. when. I. drop. my. son. off. for. the. first. day. (Maybe if I say it enough, it’ll come true). 😉

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