Tulip Teapot

Wordless Wednesday -Tulip Teapot

See you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop tomorrow. Please share it with your friends it’s such a great party thanks to you!

Linking to- Create With Joy, Naptime Momtog  and Paulas Wordless Wednesday

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  1. What a cute teapot! That flower on the top wouldn’t last 5 minutes around my husband. I’d have to hide it!

  2. What a sweet little pot!

  3. LindyLouMacinItaly says:

    As you so obviously love unusual teapots, I hope you will not mind me sharing this link with you today. I think you will love these?

  4. “I’m a little teapot short and stout”….how cute! If I were a little girl I would DEF want to have this playing at my tea party :)

  5. This is really beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my sweet friend… I have not been blogging like before due to my tight schedule now.. But whenever I have time, will sure stop by to show some love..
    Have a great week..

  6. Well, I’ll grab the scones and be over shortly. Tea must be good for your cold, right? :) The pot is lovely.

  7. How darling is that! It is so sweet! :)

  8. This app ate my comment!
    Just saying how pretty this teapot is & how I wish I could find a kettle that nice since I have to choose one or the other.
    This one has a lot of character.

  9. Lovely teapot!! I really like the pattern :)

    Happy WW and thanks for linking up!!

  10. That is a cute little teapot. Something lovely to grace a shelf with.

  11. Such a cute teapot!!! Happy Wednesday!

  12. Lovely teapot!

  13. That sure is a sweet tea pot :)

  14. that’s a very lovely teapot!i love the flower on top of it. Can’t find a teapot like that. Anywhere I go I only see plain ones. I guess I have to look harder..hehe

  15. oh my!!! i want it!!!

  16. So pretty… so dainty! :)

  17. That teapot is adorable and too cute to use for tea :)

  18. Cute little teapot… short and stout. Hope you’re feeling better!

  19. Beautiful teapot.

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