Autumn Sprite

I’m thinking of changing my wordless Wednesday to wordy Wednesday. My sweet friend Alex commented once, “hey it’s your blog do what you want”. He is very wise.So that’s what I’ll be doing. Sometimes wordy, sometimes wordless. Either way I will be sharing more photos with you. A special thank you all for your sweet messages about my back.They were like gentle hugs and I appreciate them so very much. To those of you who asked- I stepped in a hole this summer and fell down. Yes that thud you heard was me. I hurt my knee and my back. I don’t think either has ever really healed. Because I just keep re-injuring them. I’m not even sure how I did it this time.  I’m still hurting, but thankfully not as much. So lets get on with it. I’m sharing my Autumn sprite with you today.

I’ll see tomorrow at the Thursday Favorite Things hop.

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  1. That sprite and I have a lot in common… big nose, big mouth and wild hair! The difference is, he’s cute!

  2. Wordy works for me! So cute thank you for sharing, love fall so much

    xoxo, Tanya

  3. Well, he’s an awesome little cutie, and I love the pumpkin cookie he’s holding. Hope you’re up and running in no time soon…back injuries are no fun.

  4. Your autumn sprite is wonderful!!
    I hope you continue to heal and feel better.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Love your Autumn Sprite! Oh,and sometimes you just need words :)

    I do hope you feel better soon, I know what you mean by having a pesky injury that won’t go away.

  6. This is oh so cute! It must put a smile on your face and help you to feel better Katie!

  7. Well I think wordy is wonderful. It is a bummer when we get hurt. Prayers and hugs your way. Cute little sprite!

  8. I love your fall sprite! I say go for the wordy Wednesday. I have a seriously hard time not having a lot of words. I do hope you can heal your back and knee.

  9. Such a cute photo! =)

    Im sorry to hear that you fell, but glad you are feeling better!

  10. What a cute expressive Sprite, isn’t ?!
    So sorry about your injury, Katie. Hope you soon getting well and run again. Please take care.

  11. I didn’t even know what a Sprite was so I googled it!
    Very cute one your have.

  12. Oh, he is certainly a handsome and happy-looking fellow!

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