Oct 30 2012

Pajama Day

 It’s Tid Bit Tuesday. Time for some over sharing…A few times a year my sweet husband and I have pajama day. We stay in our pajamas all day long. We rest, we watch movies, read books, magazines, etc. He naps on the big couch and I snuggle up on the little couch and watch a “girlie” movie. The blinds are drawn. Few phone calls are made and computer use is  kept to a minimum. We eat yummy foods and snacks and enjoy each others company. Izzy is part of our little cozy cocoon now and he happily indulges in all the naptime activities, giggle. It is blissful.

Do you have pajama days?

  sending prayers for all of those in harms way of the storm Sandy.
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  1. Shady Del Knight

    That’s a wonderful idea, Katie. The Norman Rockwell painting you described was a much more common scene 50 or 60 years ago before everybody got the idea that they needed to stay connected 24-7 to their 100 closest friends via electronic devices. Your pajama day is a mental health day, an important family bonding experience that everybody should try.

  2. Barbara

    This sounds wonderful…wish I could have a few of these with my hubby!

  3. Snoodles

    What a wonderful idea…..it’s the simple things that can bring us joy and create such lovely memories!

  4. Beverly

    It sounds like an absolutely perfect way to spend the day with your husband.♥♥♥

  5. Missy

    Sounds like a great way to spend the day!

  6. Mona's Picturesque

    oh my that sounds wonderful! Gotta copy this! :)

  7. Kris

    Somedays I stay in my PJ bottoms all day because they are so comfortable. I like to put them on early in the evening and watch TV. This brings to mind flannel P.J.’s… When my grandmother passed away, I inherited all of her flannel PJ’s. Some had been worn and were just perfect the way they were and others never worn at all. I loved them but especially loved the ones she had worn the best…soft, comfortable and a bit shabby. :)

  8. Ms. A

    Pajama days seem to be getting more and more frequent around here. All I need is a little snugglebug, like Izzy.

  9. Queenie Believe

    I sooooo wish!!! You are one lucky lady!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  10. Tammy/Our Neck of the Woods

    That sounds fabulous! Usually Sundays we stay in our PJs most of the day :)

  11. Maureen

    There’s no reason not to take the odd day just for yourselves. I think it’s really clever of your to make sure you take some down time and recharge your batteries mentally and physically.

  12. @somerskys

    Pajama days and that shrimp pasta recipe on SATURDAYS sound so comfy hava beautiful morning, i too am praying for peace for the people who had SANDY interrup their lives, with yuck. and also praying that the insurance companys will give them the money to rebuild RIGHT AWAY, back to hugs tho Pajama day and linquinie sound swell

  13. Rosey

    That would be more than dandy, I WISH we had a PJ Day!!

  14. diedre

    Sounds like the perfect day! I wouldn’t mind having one each month:)

  15. Marla Martenson

    Great idea. I do that too.. but just with the dog.. LOL

  16. shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Sounds wonderful…no, we haven’t….there always seems to be something to do, somewhere to go!…My hubby is up at 5 am every morning to exercise..so he is out of his pajamas very early…as for me…I have pajama mornings all the time!!! :)

  17. Marla Martenson

    My husband Ricky Ricardo and I love to snuggle in bed on Sunday evenings and watch all of our HBO and Showtime series. The shows on now are Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland and Boss. So fun.

  18. small Kucing

    sounds great. To stay in and just cuddle

  19. Meeha

    Such a lovely, cozy day with just the three of you! I tend to have a pajama day every Saturday, but I keep having friends over :)) Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my Thanksgiving gift wrap :)

  20. Deborah

    Now that sounds perfect!

  21. Raquel@2dayswoman

    What a wonderful idea! I love this and love your picture; looks cozy ;-)
    I’ll definitely keep this in mind next time my husband and I have a day to ourselves.

  22. Char

    What a GREAT idea Katie!!! I desperately need a pajama day. :)

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