Fall Back

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep. I know I did. :-)

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday

Do you have daylight savings time where you are?

Did you enter the Gobble Gobble Giveaway?


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  1. I reset mine at 11, so I could really enjoy the extra hour!

  2. Any extra sleep is nice sleep. :)

  3. Yep, I set mine back right before I went to bed! I almost forgot, but one of my friends posted about it on facebook so I reset them right away. My chickens wouldn’t have liked being locked up in the coop for an extra hour!

  4. I remembered and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep!

  5. I’m happy to say that here in Arizona we don’t have DST, so we don’t have to think about when to set our clock back before going to bed. Been there, done that as I’ve lived in other states in my life.

    Funny thing, though. I had a new hard drive installed on my PC in July and forgot to set the time zone then so when I woke up this morning I was shocked to see that it was only 5:48 instead of 6:48 like I thought I saw on my other clocks. This actually made me wonder if AZ had changed their minds about DST… but then, this was before I had any caffeine in me! 😀

  6. I live in KS and we have Daylight Savings time. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep! =)
    Love your new blog design!

  7. I nearly forgot to change the clocks and than Our Daughter told us. I always have trouble sleeping with the time change so I was up.

  8. I, too, live in Arizona. And with the exception of the Navajo nation, we don’t worry about that. Unless of course, you have an ‘atomic’ clock like mine which insists on observing the time change! Ha! I wasn’t fooled though, I know that the sunrise didn’t change! :)

  9. I did remember to fall back, and quite happily. I am not an advocate of Daylight Savings Time. I prefer to just leave the time alone.

  10. Hail from Colorado here, so yes, we have DST. Having a 17 month-old means nooo extra hour of sleep for me! But Baby Girl did sleep until 6:20, and we were both ready to wake by that point, so I don’t feel like I can complain. :)

  11. Loved the extra hour.

  12. It’s the other half of the year here but Queensland doesn’t have daylight savings time and it sucks big time! It’s the only thing I don’t like about living here.

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