Feather Wreath DIY

Feather Wreath Craft-

It’s tid bit Tuesday, today and  I’m all fluffy and feathered, giggle…. well let me explain.  I am a crafty type ( but that tid bit is really well known isn’t it?) When I was decorating last week I  wanted something fluffy and white to hang above the mantle  (you can see what I mean here).   I grabbed a glue gun and started making a wreath, with feathers! I hadn’t intended for it to be a tutorial so the photos are sparse. But you certainly will get the idea and you can make one too.




I grabbed a few supplies. A large foam wreath ring some ribbon, my trusty glue gun and some embellishment.


I had a very cute supervisor watching over every step.

I started by wrapping the wreath form with ribbon, then it was time to add the feathers. Before you think “I’m not about to glue a million white feathers on a wreath”…

I used feather boas!!! I wrapped and glued, and wrapped and glued, and then fluffed and taa daa…it’s covered in feathers!

I had originally planned to use some pearl sprigs. But, I had some gold beaded garland so I wrapped it ( spacing widely) and then instead of a bow I added this fantastic silk poinsettia flower. I used a little extra boa for the wreath hanger, waste not want not :-)

I hung it above the angel on the mantel and I love it .

That’s it, as we say here at home that’s a taa daa moment! So will you give this easy craft a try?




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  1. It looks beautiful over your mantel, you crafty girl, you. Now, if only I decorated.

  2. That was very “crafty” of you, Katie, and your mantle looks terrific! I am most enamored of the picture of your supervisor. Izzy looks happy and content w/o that awful cone around his neck. My Toto still needs to wear her cone collar to prevent her from nipping at her surgical site. She had a cancerous toe amputated last week and is recovering nicely just in time for the holidays. Happy Tuesday to you, dear friend!

  3. It’s gorgeous, just perfect above the angel! Nice work (I suppose the super cute supervisor kept you in line). :)

  4. It turned out very pretty! I can’t have stuff like that, my cats would climb the wall to get to it!

  5. Cuteness!

  6. Ohhhhh, that’s sooooo pretty! I love your little helper too! I think your wreath would look great next to my glitter houses, so you can send it right over tyvm. 😉

  7. its so pretty! and Izzy looks like he loves it too! =)
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. That’s super pretty and I never would have thought of using a feather boa! Clever girl!

  9. Elegant, creative and easy. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Katie,

    I admired your wreath when you first showed it on the post about your Christmas decor. It seems really easy to do and it certainly turned out beautiful!

  11. What a pretty wreath! I could almost picture one a smaller size for a halo for photography with children. Angels!

  12. What a gorgeous wreath!!!…Thanks for the tutorial!!! Have a wonderful day!

  13. The wreath is lovely. Beautiful angel!

  14. Lovely! I love white decor, and this fluffy wreath reminds me of white fluffy snow. I would love to make my own version of one of these. Not sure if I will do it in time for Christmas this year or not, but will def. do it some time :) Thanks for sharing.

  15. Simply stunning! Very elegant and looks beautiful above your angel! I’m off to hunt down boa’s, thank goodness you didn’t do it with single feathers…but know one needs to know that, it’s our secret!
    Crafty Hugs,

  16. This is beautiful!


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