National Girl Scout Cookie Day

toasting marshmallows katherines cornerFebruary 8th has been declared national Girl Scout Cookie Day by the Girl Scouts of America. How terrific is that! A day dedicated to Girl Scout cookie eating! I was a part of the Girl Scouts for many years. I started as a Brownie and continued until I was a Brownie Leader. I was a proud scout and had a sash filled with badges that I  worked hard to earn.The Girl Scouts were founded in 1912 by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low. It all began when she gathered together a group of local girls with the desire to help them to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Her original goal was to bring girls out of isolated home environments and into community service. But she also provided them with experiences in hiking, athletics and camping trips where she taught them astronomy and first aid skills among other things. I encourage you to learn more about  Daisy and The Girls Scouts at the  Girls Scouts Of America website


girl scout cookies

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Celebrate scouting with me and enjoy some yummy cookies too!

Were you a Girl Scout? Are your daughters or granddaughters Girl Scouts?


Hoping your weekend is filled with sweet things. You can still link up to yesterdays hop!

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  1. Good memories coming back from this post! I was a Brownie and Girl Guide in the 70’s and 80’s! I was a brown-dress Brownie complete with beret – dancing around the toadstool (always secretly wanted to take it home!) The Pixie group was just the best … J

  2. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout and have tons of good memories from it. I always try to buy some cookies at this time of the year not only to support, but because I can’t help but love them, they are truly delicious. Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!! :)

  3. I was a girl scout, but I don’t have any cookies to eat! LOL!

  4. andrea cammarata says:

    Three cheers for Samoas! : ) lol!!!! I was a girl scout…my daughter went towards other endeavors…all clubs surrounding animals : ) it’s all good! sending hugs to you and yours and mr. IZZY!!!!

  5. Hmm…I always liked the Girl Scouts but the schools I went to never seemed to have many GS clubs. I was a brownie and I still remember making a “sit-upon” in second grade, haha.

  6. I was also a brownie and then a Girl scout. I only have a picture of me in my Brownie outfit

    When I sold Girl scout cookies they were 35 cents a box !!! back in the late 1950’s

    I have always loved Girl Scout cookie and have been to Savannah Georgia to the founder of Girl scouts home, there is always lots of girls touring the house

  7. Hi Katy. Interesting post today about the Girl Scout movement. Well, you know me, I’m happy to celebrate a cookie day any day of the week!! I wasn’t a Girl Guide (as we call them here), but my two daughters were Brownies, and then went on to the Girl Guides. I helped out with the Brownies for quite a while and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was known as Snowy Owl!!

  8. Unfortunately I don’t need a national day to eat cookies. :(

  9. I’ll go buy a box today!

  10. I was in whatever came before you were old enough for the girl scoute but I remember getting to go to a candle making factory and I was very impressed.

  11. yummy

  12. Hi Katherine! Another thing we are alike in. I too was a brownie girl scout. Some of my fondest memories as a child with mom as our Troop leader. I still have my uniform and sash with all those badges, went to Girl Scout camp back then, sold lots of cookies haha. They have come out with a commemorative book to celebrate 100 yrs. of Girl Scouts. I bought that for Mom this year for Christmas , since she had been our troop leader. I can even remember a favorite movie back when about girl scouts called “Troop Beverly Hills” :). I didn’t know it was Girl Scout Cookie day.

  13. Funny photo, I love the fire.

  14. Yum, we are eagerly waiting for our cookies to be delivered! I was a brownie for a bit as a child, but never made it to a Girl Scout. I still laugh when ever I make Ant on Log for my little bear. That’s the one thing I learned as a Brownie! haha

    PS – Thanks for linking up with Oh Happy Day!

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