Feb 20 2013

Tea For Thee

It’s Wordy Wordless Wednesday and I have tea for Thee…

pretty white teapot katherines corner

I’m sending you love and tea,

To warm your winter’s day.

Think of me as you pour your cup

And all the good things we would say.

If we could be together now

Instead of miles apart,

We’d sip our teas and memories,

The sweet warmth fills the heart.

- Susan Young

See you at the hop tomorrow!!

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  1. Janine Huldie

    Beautiful and love your take on a cup of tea!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Wednesday!! :)

  2. Cyndi

    Aww…this makes me think of my best buds from college and how I would love to get together with them again. :D Lovely post!

  3. Gloria


    That’s lovely. I wouldn’t say, “No, thanks.” to tea!

    Your new blog header is very pretty. The lilacs in the jar remind
    me of the big lilac tree in my childhood backyard. Lilacs, the flower
    and the color, are beautiful.

    New End Studio

  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    The tea pot is beautiful and the little bird caught my eye….you might like the pictures I took at one of our local bakeries…Bird Bakery. The cups even had little birds on them. Have a beautiful day, Katie! Wish we could have tea together some day!

  5. Joan Veronica Robertson

    Lovely photo and I loved the poem! I grew up in a British household, so of course I drink tea at all hours, and especially at 5.00 pm! See you tomorrow!

  6. Judy Haughton-James

    Wow! So beautiful Katie! Have a great Wednesday.

  7. Cynthia

    Beautiful Katherine, thanks for sharing.


  8. Rosey

    It’s very pretty!

  9. Marla Martenson

    Gorgeous teapot. One day you and I will be sitting together enjoying a cup!

  10. Diane

    Hi lovely lady.
    This tea pot is Beautiful !! thanks so much for sharing with us.


    Nice poem and pretty sweet tea pot ! I already followed you with my page (my shabby French life) but I forgot my facebook name so thanks to invite me there : that’s done.
    xoxo from PARIS

  12. patrice

    Just what I needed today. :)

  13. emily

    Very Cute!

  14. Heather @ new house new home new life

    This is exactly what I need on this cold blustery day. So I’m sitting with a cup of green tea and thinking about warm times and my blogging friends like you.

  15. bridgetstraub.com

    Nice but could I change that tea to coffee? My gagging might offend you as we discuss all of theses good things, lol.

  16. Theresa

    The tea pot is so pretty. I love it!

  17. Karren Haller

    Ahh Katherine, what a beautiful tea pot, I have always wanted one, the poem is wonderful thank you for sharing. My latest post Twig Terrariums Wordless Wednesday

  18. Melissa B

    Such a sweet poem!
    Wishing you lots of smiles today!


  19. Eden Hills

    That is a delightful photo! I really enjoyed the poem you chose to go with it.

  20. thisisme

    What a lovely little post for us today, Katy. :)

  21. Holly

    What a lovely post! Thank you!

  22. annie

    Lovely little poem and the photo is beautiful.
    Hope Wednesday finds you healthy and happy.

  23. Heather

    Beautiful! I’ll have a cup of tea, now! :) ((Hugs))

  24. Marilyn Porter

    So sweet. Friends and coffee. A beautiful way to start the day!

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