Dance Dance Baby

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Dance Dance Baby

Its tid bit Tuesday and that means over sharing here at Katherines corner. Are you familiar with the song lyrics, “I won’t dance don’t ask me” by Frank Sinatra. Well, that’s me. I know… it’s a head scratcher, a craw sticker ( this is a silly term I use in reference to having something stuck in your craw)… I am an anomaly. I believe 99.9 percent of females in the world like to dance. I am just not one of them.
image sourceI did dance when I was young. I even won a dance contest once. I also wanted to take ballet lessons when I was young. But, that’s not the style of dancing I am referring too. I’m referring to ” hitting the dance floor at a club”, lights bright, music pounding and people all crammed together on a dance floor. When I was in my teens and early twenties I just didn’t like it anymore. I was perfectly fine being a wallflower and watching everyone else, jiggle, shake and slide on the dance floor.  I think I should clarify a bit more. I still dance at home with my hubby,  when I am alone, with the puppy and with our grandchildren. Just no “public: dancing. Now here’s the irony…my  husband loves to dance….

How about you? When was the last time you danced danced baby?

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  1. Wow, a husband who likes to dance!!! Lucky girl. Shame you don’t like it though.

    Hubby and I started to take ballroom dance lessons 1 1/5 years ago – now we can at least look like we know the difference between a waltz and a cha cha. But now that everyone thinks we can dance, I don’t find it as enjoyable. Much prefer to dance at the lessons where nobody is expecting too much.

  2. If you have a hubby who likes to dance, no matter where it is, you’re ahead of most of us!

  3. I”m with you, Katherine. I don’t like dancing or being in the center of a crowded room for any reason. I’m definitely a wall flower! Luckily, my husband doesn’t like to dance either, but he does love being the center of attention when he’s in his element…performing!

  4. I used to love to go out dancing, and my hubby did too. We still love a good song to dance to .. but only at home now. Going out to a club sounds exhausting, and loud. Just no longer my ‘thing.’ Love the pic of Fred – and LOVE those old movies!

  5. @somerskys@somerskys says:

    I dance EVERY DAY! literally! after i had THE brain injury brain surgery because of a poped artery in my brain, i call it THE brain injury because i refused to own it as mine cause its not, it’s just a hick-cup in life that made me do things a new way, but it salright cause I SERIOUSLY CHOOSE!! to make its awww-ite thats the word, alright, said in a silly} way}:’) just in case u didnt know. BUT! BACK TO DANCING i dance EVERY DAY, i mean like when i am dusting, the dust rag is my partner. when i am sweeping, did u know a broom does a men spin, AND IF U know how to ZUMBA dance excercise dance while vaccuming the vacum does a good imaginary dip just dont fall NOT GOOD (giggle) anyway dancing is good theraphy if u dont take urself to seriously and just move, the way u can. I say it sends happiness hormones throughout ur body, which can make u laugh and we all know that LAUGHTER DOES GOOD LIKE A MEDICINE. hava gr8 day Katherine

  6. I enjoy dancing, but i haven’t done it publicly in a long time. But I definitely love to dance with my dogs. :)

  7. I love to Country Dance and Ballroom Dance! oh…and Line Dance! =)
    I was in a Singles Group for over 10 years, and loved it! A very dear friend of mine ( who passed away over 6 years ago ) ..was my Favorite Dance Partner ! We loved dancing country 2-step together every week, he liked some other kinds of music also, but our favorite to dance to was Country. Everyone asked us how did it look like “we flowed together”, and I just told them we have been dancing for awhile, and we got better the more that we danced. It was wonderful!
    I miss dancing with him….in fact,… the first several times that I danced 2-step with someone else ( on the same dance floor that I danced with my friend )….I “felt” my friends presence.. =)

    Im planning to get out dancing very soon! I love it! =)

  8. I’m not a big dancer either. I’d rather watch.

  9. I don’t dance in public, period. Used to love it when I was young, was even on the drill team and danced in clubs. Other than being silly with the grandkids, I don’t dance.

  10. I always loved to dance. Still do but I don’t have the stamina. Dancing is a lot of work. Now for old “Blue Eyes” he was the greatest. One of a kind. At least you could understand the words he sang. LOL.
    Hugs, Ginger

  11. I dance with my kindergarten kids everyday- and lately I have been dancing with some friends after work as a wellness activity. It always makes me feel better and it is helping me lose a bit of weight too- mostly its just plain fun to move with my kids.
    We look goofy probably to others but we do have fun.

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