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 Blog Photography

I am constantly trying to improve my blog photography. I have amassed a great collection of props and backgrounds. I need several large totes to hold most of them. Others are in various areas of my art room. This does not include all of the dishware and glassware I use. I keep that all in the kitchen. I’ll save those to share for another day. I am sharing some simple everyday props with you today. Many of you will  realize you have plenty of props right at home. :-)

flowers photography props  katherines corner

I have loads of flowers, these are just a few.


pastel bottles for props Katherines Corner

These pretty bottles are a lovely addition to photos. photography backgrounds katherines cornerI am sure you recognize these backgrounds. I use them often, particularly for my food photography. Left to right. A panel piece from our cottage shed,  A piece of the old fence, a dark mahogany cutting board ( extra large) and a  butcher block cutting board also extra large. I have a few others too. I never use these cutting boards for anything other than backgrounds.

pitchers katherines cornerI love using pitchers, I have a few, but I am always looking for more :-)

photography props katherines corner

Birds, pearls and pretty dishes are just a few of the little extras I use.

lace katherines cornerI have a lot of fabric, lace and burlap too.


Do you have a large selection of props for your photography?

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Hoping your weekend is a sweet one!

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  1. Beautiful photos. I do have a ton of photos, but they are mostly of my kids and family stuff. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend, Katherine!! :)

  2. I just “shop” in my house and probably use the same things too many times. Love the idea of the fabric stash. I do use a lot of difference tableclothes and dishtowels for background or grounding things like a casserole dish. Guess I better think about it more.

  3. Pamela Gordon says:

    Now that was interesting to see your ‘props’ for your photos. I don’t really have any other than trays, which I love, some linens and an old matlasse coverlet that I use on the dining table or the sofa. Oh I have white pitchers too. Well, I guess I do have some props!! They are just different from yours. :) I got some good ideas from you though. Pamela

  4. It is fun,Katie. Your photos are always great.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  5. Your photos are always gorgeous.. I have been collecting an assortment of things to use. It’s fun!

  6. Pam@over50feeling40 says:

    I have a suitcase full of props!! So glad to know I am not the only one who does this! have a wonderful weekend, Katie!!

  7. Those are beautiful photos!

  8. Loved this. I am like that too, collecting all kinds of things for photography purposes. Cool idea the wood backgrounds. I found a cool red peppers, etc… cutting board to add to my kitchen photography collection. I like to use different dish towels or place mats for mine. Although when I take photos of my food recipes, I get nice and close to the actual food and have a little of the background. I love my macro lens. Have you ever tried knitting dish towels for backgrounds? I did a few of those. Love vases. I’m on the hunt for pretty accessories to add to mine.

  9. Loved this post! I also use a bunch of different books for my back drops! Each time I go to a Dollar Tree, I pick up books in different colors and sizes. You can never have too many books and they make great photography props!

    The Decor Chronicles

  10. Love all the pretty photo prop ideas! Thanks for the suggestions – I should really pull out some fabric. Never thought of doing that.

  11. Yes, you might see certain items again and again. It’s like playing Barbie for big girls! Love your props, especially the ironstone pitchers.
    Love it!

  12. Blogging does make you think more about your photos as they are often what get the most attention. Like you, I’m working on improving. Hmmm, my props could stand some improving.

  13. Props are always a question for me. I love them but am concerned they will take away from my picture of my Hand painted glasses . I do love the photo with the white picture. I will try to tweak my photos to be more like yours.

  14. Those roses look real. Pearls are a great idea – I have about 6 different strands.

    I also use scarves I pick at the thrift shops for a dollar or two.

  15. Those lavender bottles are gorgeous!!!!!

    thanks for sharing,

  16. I don’t have a lot of props for pictures, but you’re right they are really good to have, and your pictures always look great. I really like those bottles.

  17. You know – my kitchen table, red table and odds and ends end up being by backgrounds. Oh, and a lace table cloth. Not too original – and sometimes I think I need to take more time w/that …

    Enjoyed your post.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Awesome props/backgrounds! I always love the touch of lace or netting.

  19. Your photos are always so pretty! I should begin using props! Hope you’ll come share at AMAZE ME MONDAY, link goes up Sunday evening!

  20. Your photos are beautiful, as always! You have inspired me to find some better backdrops – time to scrounge around a bit! Thanks!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  21. your props are all so lovely!!! it is fun to use props in photos!

  22. oh my thank you so much for the shout out :-) That was sweet of you, and I really enjoyed this post. you got me excited about collecting photo props! Christina

  23. Your blog is always such a delight to visit! You share the most beautiful things. Thanks, sweet lady!

  24. Well done Katie. You have terrific eyes for photography

  25. Your props are so gorgeous! In the summer I do more food photography and I use a piece of plywood and place it on some Rubbermaid containers and then just change the fabric I place on top to match the plates, etc. I also use white foamboard for photography of items for my Etsy shop. Sometimes I use wall paper. I want to get other backdrops/textures, but haven’t taken the time yet. I do have leftover tiles from home projects that I plan to use too. :-)

  26. Love all your props and I have several of the same!! Thank you for sharing them at Feathered Nest Friday!


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