Brighten My Windowsill

Brighten My Windowsill

Wow, Wednesday already, this week is running away from me. I’ve been happily working on a blog makeover for a client and I almost forgot to post…well, I can’t let that happen! As I was filling my kettle for my morning tea, I looked out of the kitchen window at the snow covered mountains. Yes, they are still snow covered. It’s spring, right? :–) This is what brightens one side of our kitchen windowsill.

brighten my window katherines corner What brightens your windowsill?

I hope to see you back here tomorrow for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop! my blog signature new

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  1. Have to be honest so done seeing snow and thankfully as chilly as it has been we haven’t had anymore snow. That said, I love seeing the trees outside my window in bloom right now. We have one tree on the side of our house budding with pink blooms and absolutely beautiful. Look forward to it every spring!! :)

  2. Unfortunately my kitchen windows don’t have deep enough sills to put anything on (except my prescription bottles).

  3. I think we all need to add touches of Spring. The outdoors says Spring here, but it’s still a bit nippy! Love your flowers.

  4. It would make me smile, too. You always make me smile.

  5. Very pretty – love the colors. Snow?…. It is strange for this AZ girl with 95 degree temperatures to think that some windows still overlook snow. Funny you should mention window sills – I just redid mine this past weekend and posted about it yesterday. Take a peek if you have a chance.

  6. It’s very cheery. :) We don’t have windowsills conducive to decoration. Bummer. 😉

  7. Windows are something my house is sorely lacking and the one in the kitchen only looks out to the sun room. *sigh

  8. Love your pretty photo! =)
    I have a bottle of lotion on my windowsill that my Daughter gave me, and a little “stained glass” doll that attaches to the window with a suction cup.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Our kitchen window is brightened by nothing other than bright sunshine.

    Snow on the mountains lol, we still have snow on the lawn!!!!!!!

  10. Right now there’s a jar of fresh homemade maple syrup sparkling on our kitchen windowsill. This you’ll see in my next blog post, sometime this week yet, hopefully. Do drop by and imagine it’s sweetness!

  11. How lovely! That angel makes me smile just looking at her!

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  12. What a wonderful windowsill!

    ♥ aquariann

  13. What a sweet windowsill you have!

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