Snowballs Viburnum

Snowballs Viburnum

Happy oxymoron day! ( wordy wordless Wednesday) We’ve had some rain recently and our pom pom bush , also known as, snowball bush (Snowballs Viburnum Bush) is loving it! I clipped some blooms to bring inside. I always enjoy having cut flowers on the table. These snowballs on the table are the perfect way to bring the outside in.


Snowball Viburnum


pom pom bush katherines corner

Have you brought flowers into your home recently? What kind? Do you have Snowballs Viburnum on your table?


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  1. Hi, I love flowers too! have a nice day
    Baci Cristina

  2. I haven’t brought any in, but my mother-in-law gave me mums for Mother’s Day and I recently took them outside to plant. :)

    Your Snowballs are pretty. :)

  3. Such pretty flowers and you make me want to cut some from our garden and bring them indoors!! Happy Wednesday!! :)

  4. Jacque (aka Snoodles) says:

    Lovely snowballs! I have always thought that those were so pretty, tho I don’t have any here at my house…What a gorgeous way to decorate!

  5. They are beautiful ! Love flowers in the house ! Have some broken off the planters from wind bleeding hearts! I didn’t think your flowers were really called snowballs-my husband always called them that!! I have always wanted a bush!! Ha will tell him he’s right?!?!?

  6. These are gorgeous, Katie. I used to have one of these bushes in a previous life :). Right now I have white lilacs on my kitchen table and purple ones in a French pitcher on the counter. Fleeting beauty because they don’t last long. But I can’t resist the fragrance.

  7. Beautiful! We just brought some irises inside yesterday. Love spring!

  8. ColleenB. says:

    Gorgeous snowballs. They are such a pretty bush and which I had one or 2 or 3 in my yard
    have heard it stays very chilly and spring wouldn’t start until the snowball bushes bloomed.
    I have brought cut roses and irises in the house and sit in center of my dining room table.
    Enjoy your day and may you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend

  9. Your flowers are so pretty! =)
    I bet they smell so nice!

    Have a great day!

  10. Hi Katherine, how are you?

    What beautiful snow balls, I have not seen these since I left Utah, wow they are wonderful!! Hope you can join in the WW fun!

    Oh My Heartsie Reviews WW” w/Linky
    Have a wonderful day!! Karren

  11. They look beautiful! The only flower in my house lately, was a single rose my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day.

  12. As the little girl from Despicable Me would say, “They’re so fluffy!!”

  13. Your snowballs are just lovely! Love the white.


  14. No flowers in the house right now, we are doing everything outside right now. Working like CRAZY on our new landscaping!!! XO, Pinky

  15. I never seen a snowball before how pretty/ My three favourite are Orchids ( which I have some at the momen) Tulips when in season and Lillies (any type of Lilly) love them

  16. wow…white colored. The ones we have here are blue

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