Jumping In The Way Back Machine

tid bit tuesdayIt’s Tid Bit Tuesday My Friends. Time for some over sharing :-)

Mr. Peabody was a fictional dog who appeared in a  television cartoon series called “Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show. ” Mr Peabody ( a dog) and his boy Sherman would jump into the “Way Back Machine” and experience history.




When I saw this photo recreation by my new and very talented friend, Dr. Frank Simon  I said out loud, “Lets jump in the “Way Back Machine”. Frank kindly surprised me with this photo “makeover” , a gift on facebook.  A lovely gift  deserves to be shared and I just had to share with you. Look, my chubby cheeks ( a result of my medication) are gone . Wrinkles ( a result of a live well lived) have been smoothed away and… well… see for yourself..

katherine corrigan before and after katherines corner
Since the spotlight is on me today, well admittedly I am directing the spotlight. I am also happy to share that Katherines Corner is being featured at All My Happy Endings. Please stop by and leave some comment ♥


katherines corner collage

Okay it’s your turn, the spotlight is on you. Please share with me, leave a comment about what you are shining the spotlight on today :-)


You can still vote for katherines corner by clicking here and then clicking the thumbs up symbol xo


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  1. I loved the pictures and will head over and check you out over there!! :)

  2. I kind of like you the way your are…….I believe that wrinkles are earned – they are laugh lines, they are worry lines, they are crowsfeet from smiling too much. You look gorgeous in both pictures, my friend. XOX

  3. What fun. I used to love that cartoon. That was when they made cartoons that were worth watching.
    Beautiful pictures. And here is a link to what I am shining the spotlight on today.

    Hope that works.

  4. small kucing says:

    Oh today is very special. Am shining spotlight on my bloggers friens who have been very generous. They gave me gifts at various time. Today’s post is to thank them

  5. The way back machine should be my friend, too.

  6. A Super fun gift. You look twenty years younger. I need a “Way Back Machine” too :)

  7. I think you look mighty fine both ways.

  8. That makeover picture is amazing ;o) You are beautiful without the edits though ;o)

  9. The photo edit is nicely done, but you are already so lovely the way you are…you don’t need any edits! :-)

  10. I agree with Kelly. :) The photo’s fun but you’re gorgeous w/o touch-up.

    I wish I could go way back in the time machine for my body. It’d be nice to be able to eat and not worry about calories…which I can no loner do. phft

  11. As nice as the photo is, I don’t get the point. Enjoy those line from a life well lived.

  12. You are pretty in both photos. =)


  13. Love both pictures, you look great :)

  14. I think I need a facelift too!

  15. We happen to think you’re just darling, darling!! So great to be your friend. xo Sharon and Denise

    Thanks for linking up with us this week at BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT Tuesday Link and Hop.

    See you next week!
    Sharon and Denise

  16. Lots of fun in your blog today! I think the picture is a nice gift. I do agree that you are beautiful as you are, but how much fun to have a before and after. I am packing to go visit my daughter so that is my spotlight focus today.

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