You Looking At Me

You Looking At Me

No need to pass the crimping iron to this Guy. His fleece is naturally short, dense, and “crimpy” (giving it a very woolly appearance). We found this fella and his camera shy friend hanging out in a desolate area of Idaho. A much needed “potty break” took us (hubby, Izzy & I) to a rather raggedy gas station on the side of the highway. As we pulled into the lone building surrounded by a whole lot of “nothingness” we saw them in a small pen in front of the building.

I noticed a feed me food dispenser and plenty of food and hay in their pen. They needed a bath but otherwise they looked healthy. I still felt bad for them. There are two types of Alpaca in the US; the Suri and the huacaya. This one is a huacaya.

An alpaca’s fleece was referred to as “The Fiber of the Gods” by the ancient Incan people in the 17th century when the alpaca roamed the lush foothills and mountainous pastures. In 1984, a small group of importers brought the highest quality alpacas into the United States and Canada and they soon became a sought after an popular part of the North American landscape.

alpaca photo

alpaca wool

I found this lovely wrap on pinterest made from alpaca wool!

alpaca wool wrap(source)

Have you ever worn anything made from alpaca wool?

See you at the hop tomorrow!

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  1. We used to deal in coats made from Alpaca – high end beautiful coats – so this was fun to read – poor thing looks like he can’t see a thing LOL

  2. I don’t know how he sees where he’s going, although it doesn’t sound like he gets to go very far.

  3. Awww, I’ve never seen one of those up close and personal…cool! Happy Wednesday!

  4. I don’t think I have, but then again might have not really taken note of the tag per say. Loved the pictures of them though and thank you for sharing, Katie!! :)

  5. No, I don’t think I have worn anything made with alpaca wool. But I’ll take that wrap any day – gorgeous colour!

  6. Alpaca is one of my fave knitting yarns. It has a nice smooth quality making it easy to slip off the needles and is VERY warm!

  7. I think they’re super cool looking. I’d have felt bad prolly too, it’s hard to think of something that big being happy penned up in a small place.

  8. I think they are super cute – crazy right? I have nothing made from their wool, but will check it out this winter.

  9. I have some alpaca wool socks, they are great for keeping your feet warm when ice fishing in the winter. We have friends who have an alpaca farm just outside Saskatoon.
    Most of the animals are friendly and will gladly feed from your hand, some are a little shy.
    I like going there when the young ones are still quite small and cute. The males can be a tad offish and like their cousins, llamas, will spit at you should they feel you are getting too close.
    Thanks Katie, this is a great blog topic, WTG.

  10. Ohhhh. She is so cute. My kids would want to bring her home with us.

  11. They are really cute! I’ve never seen one in person.

  12. Hopefully people feed them.

  13. I used to have some alpaca sweaters many years ago.

  14. What a little doll! Love alpacas! I’ve heard that they have a very sweet personality? I’ve worn alpaca gloves before and they’re fabulous!!! :)

  15. No alpaca…but that shawl is gorgeous!!!

  16. No, but we had a rug made of the wool, as a kid & loved sitting on it by the fire. just stopping by to say hi! Theresa @

  17. I love that shawl! Yes, I have worn alpaca wool. There is an alpaca farm near where I live in MI and the lady sells alpaca yarn , books she writes about her alpacas, and alpaca stuffed animals she makes. My mom bought some of the yarn and used it to knit me scarves for Christmas. It’s lovely wool to knit with!

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