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tid bit tuesdayIt’s tid but Tuesday -time for over sharing and well, general TMI :-) Sometimes I am challenged for a topic to share. Today is one of those days. It’s not really writers block, more like do they really care to read that , block.





no one will spank grandma katherines cornerWe had our beautiful grandchildren sleepover last weekend, we played, ate chocolate ( told you so, LOL) giggled and had a great time . But, I  was so busy making happy memories  I forgot to take photos!

Every beach bag should have a great book, I’m currently reading Gracier by Milissa R Bailey ( watch for the review soon) and next on the list is Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld . Now all I need is a beach. What are you reading this summer? You can win a pretty floral beach tote in my current Giveaway.

I think you only need one really great friend, I married mine. If you are fortunate enough to have more than one friend you are truly blessed. I have all of you, my sweet bloggy friends, my cup runneth over with blessings.

wearing braces

I went to the dentist recently for my biannual checkup and cleaning. I used to brush my teeth so often my dentist actually told me to brush less often. I pay a lot of attention to teeth, especially my own. I had braces when I was a girl. I had a terrible overbite. I was so happy to have the braces, I had the headgear too. Thankfully I did not have to wear it to school. I wore braces for almost four years and then wore a retainer for two years. I am so very grateful to my parents for finding the money to fix my teeth. I would love to try the new Pearl Gentle White Ionic Teeth Whitening System. Did you have braces?

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  1. I did have braces, a palette expander for both my top and bottom teeth and when that all came off, I had top and bottom retainers. Probably why I am not a huge fan of the dentist myself, but still know how important it is to go. And sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the grandkids (so happy to hear!).

  2. I did not have braces. I was one of those lucky ones that had great teeth. Once I was at the dentist and this man told his daughter, “that is how your teeth will look once your braces come off. She had braces, now look at her”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I never had braces. Sounds like you had fun with the grand kids. I wish mine lived close.

  3. My husband says that anytime I talk to anyone I give TMI! LOL I needed braces (still do) but that was not something my mom could afford. I read a lot of books and very fast! I’ve been reading the latest series by Beverly Lewis. Have you read her? She writes Amish fiction and is very talented.

  4. I was lucky enough not to have to wear braces but, boy, I still hated to go to the dentist! LOL! I’m so envious of your time with your grandbabies….I’m still waiting for mine and I can’t wait to spoil em rotten!!! And I also agree that one truly good friend is so much more meaningful than a handful of “halfs”! My hubby is my number one as well and life is sooooo good! Have a great week, Katherine! ~~Angela

  5. I didn’t have to have braces, my oldest should have had them but was adamant he didn’t want them. The 2nd and 3rd children have beautiful teeth, and the little one has a gap (like his oldest brother) so he’s getting them without option. I learned my lesson on that one when my then-23 yr. old said, “I’ll take those braces now if you want to buy them, mom.’ Yeah right, he’s on his own for that one now, especially living several states away and making a very decent income (with orthodontic insurance) of his own. 😉

  6. I’m planning on reading “Gracier” very soon, it looks like a wonderful book! =)
    I never had braces..but would love for my teeth to be much whiter!!

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