Where Bloggers Create 2013

Where Bloggers Create where bloggers create 2013

Happy Friday wishes lovely bloggy friends! Today I am joining many other bloggers who share “where bloggers create”. I must admit some of the places that I have seen, have been, well,…spectacular!  Please let me preface this post with this. No matter the size of your creative space,”your imagination is the greatest tool” and it fits anywhere. Your creative space can be on your kitchen counter, on a desk, on your lap, or in a beautiful room, Okay…

I did not stage any photos for this post, just snapshots. Note this post is photo heavy!

This is how I live, this is my creative space.It is filled with photo props, things that make me smile, practical things, things for my businesses Keepsakes By Katherine and Be Well Gifts and one super sweet little fur baby (Izzy) who photo bombs my pictures. :-)

Lets begin at the entrance to my creative space, this beautiful scrolled cross and the angel wings are a perfect way to be welcomed into the room .where bloggers create 2013


You’ve seen this area before, remember from my magazine boxes post :-) ( did you miss it? click here)

where bloggers create 2013Hmmm, what’s that sticking out under the bed? That my friends is the bum of our sweet Izzy , giggle. Yes  there is a bed in my “art room” ,our oldest granddaughter ( did you see her anti bullying post? click here ) sleeps in here when we have all of the grandchildren over. She’s 14 ( in August) teenagers need their space. I lay there sometimes and drift too.

where bloggers create 2013

where bloggers create 2013

on the table are a few photo props ( did you miss my post on photo props? click here) .

where bloggers create

At the end of the bed I keep a small bookcase filled with more props and, well…books . I use most of the flowers for my shop photos. But I think they look wonderful all gathered together.

where bloggers create 2013

where bloggers create 2013

where bloggers create 2013

as we continue around the room you can see I have another shelf filled with pretties. I’m going for a shabby chic vibe in this room. Do you feel it?

shabby chicI keep a  few of the bottles I made on this shelf ( I shared them and others here)

shabby chic beach decor

okay here’s the spot where I get down to business, I love this long table from IKEA ( my hubby bought it for me). I bet you recognize that spring hat hanging on the wall ( if you missed the crafty post click here). My vision board is right in front of me when I work too. Do you have a vision board?

IKEA table in art room

I have a storage bin,a rolling storage container and a three drawer container underneath. I like to keep things organized.

craft organizerYes, I left the tissue box on the table, just keeping it real friends. The table that holds the television is an old kitchen pantry cart. I use the pullout bins for supplies and the shelves hold boxes of props and supplies too.


As we move around the room a bit more you can see that the far side of my table holds even more photo props. I love white stoneware and white dishware. I am particularly fond of white pitchers in different shapes and sizes. I am always looking for them at flea markets and yard sales.

white pitchers

Did you notice the dog treats on the table?  😉

Okay we have made it full circle now. This very innocent looking closet has a little surprise inside



taa daa…well little surprise may be an understatement. I keep my inventory and more props and supplies in here! Organization baby!

craft room organization

Well that’s it, that is my space. My creativity has a happy home in this room. I’m saving up for a pink chandelier to hang in the corner. This room, like many projects I create,is in a constant state of “in progress”. Watch for a new and improved version to be shared  at a later date :-)

I’d love to learn about your creative space, where do you create?


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  1. Beautiful creative space and Happy Friday Katie!!! :)

  2. Your space is inspiring and it really reflects your feminine style. My workspace is a mess – never to be photographed and unorganized. Kind of like my create process.

  3. Susan Clark says:

    Lovely nooks – love all the detail -very inviting and comfortable space. Thank you for sharing

  4. Love it – all nice and organized. Your space looks calm and serene – just like I thought!

    Happy Creating!


  5. Your room is so “you”…so beautiful and sentimental and filled with many creative touches..Just love it!!!…Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  6. Katharine,

    Very beautiful room – filled with so many lovely things and organized – a nice place to be creative and also just sit and relax. LOVE IT!

    Thanks for linking to the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT

    Sharon and Denise ♥
    Fashion | Food | Beauty | Antiques | DIY | and much more

  7. Your creating space is wonderful – I would totally put a day bed or large sofa in my studio (if I ever have one!) so I could have a little nap or just rest.

  8. Your room is so pretty! I just **love** it! =)
    It really reflects your personality!!

  9. Love your creative space!! I hope to be able to do this to my closet in my Craft Room once Joe and I retire and we can get rid of closets full of Nursing Scrubs and Postal Uniforms!!!


  10. What a lovely creative space Katherine! I have the exact Ikea table and chair in my little studio too :) I love its practicality and clean lines… thank you for sharing your studio.

  11. I’m planning on putting a daybed in my sewing room too, to double as a guest room.

  12. My space is multi purpose, serving as my surfing space, my computer workshop, my office and is home to many piles of get round to it reminders. I can watch the back yard and am watching Cedar Waxwings and Robins steal my Saskatoon berries, I have seen quite a number of different birds through this window. It also looks out on the flight path to the city airport and less than 5 minutes ago was thrilled to see a RCAF f18 Hornet do a flyby. My creative corner is as small or as huge as I need it to be.
    Liked your post, it is hard to believe that a man actually lives in this house lol.

    • How wonderful that you can see beautiful wildlife from your window. I have a view of the lake from the window of the art room.We do our bird watching downstairs from the living room, dining room and kitchen. You make me laugh. This is the only “girlie” room in our house. Hugs

  13. titicrafty says:

    Oh My! I want that Craft room, not one like that, THAT one!!! LOL It’s so lovely and peaceful, I wouldn’t be able to leave that room! I love it!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty

  14. What a great space – and so organized. Thanks for sharing.

  15. So much pretty pink! Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. thank you, to you too. Hugs

  17. Ah, you are surrounded by beautiful things, I bet it does help with creativity because right away you’re off to a good start.

  18. I love when I get to see bloggers in their element! Very nice Katherine. I also want to stop by and tell you I have added your button to my sidebar on my new site. {I moved from wordpress hosting} so now I can display my bloggy friends and you are one for sure!
    The Adored Home

  19. D. Jean says:

    Love to see all the creative places. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Your create space is beautiful.

  21. Wow! Love everything here! SO pretty in pink! Your work space with the long white desk and pretty chair is my favorite. I need to make my house a home again! I wish some days my kids would fly the coop! They are older and terrible housekeepers!

  22. I love seeing your creative space Katherine. And it’s you in every way! I love that your decor is your props and other pretties waiting to fly into action. And, dreaming is a part of creating…how nice to have a dreaming couch! [wink]
    p.s. it takes a while to get around to all these wonderful spaces. :)

  23. createwithjoy says:

    What a beautiful space you have Katherine! So cozy and inviting – I’d love to hang out and create with you! :-)


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