I’m unplugged today, no computer, just sending you ♥  The best blogging tip I can ever share is -it’s a blog, not your life. Move away from your computer, live your life. Then sit down and share it with us. We look forward to reading about it.. see you tomorrow!

be thankful


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  1. Oh enjoy your Monday. I, too, am going to try to be unplugged as the day goes on, because my husband has his usual summer Mondays off today!!

  2. Have a great “day off”. Hope it’s sunny where you are and you can enjoy some rays.

  3. Unplugged days rock. :)

  4. Sandra @ The Adored Home says:

    I think we need to do this once in a while for sure! When you return I hope you feel ready to take on the world lol or at least the internet!
    The Adored Home

  5. Have a great day!! =)


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