A Touch of Turquoise Home Decor

A Touch Of Turquoise Home Decor

Every few months I make some changes in our home decor. I keep my husband on his toes for certain. They are usually small changes though. Tea towels, a toss pillow, maybe a new vase or sculpture . But last week I added this beautiful touch of turquoise to our front room.

turquoise curio table

I don’t know what to call this room really. The pass through room, the living room, the place I put our Christmas tree room. No matter what it is called I have a strong desire to make it “beachy”.

beach style decoratingI really like coastal decor and dream of our cottage by the water.

a home by the sea

I absolutely love this touch of turquoise. I wish I could tell you some grand story about how I found it at a flea market or on the curbside. How I worked my fingers to the bone sanding and painting it to bring it to its present state of glory. But, alas ( yes I used the word alas) I bought it at one of my favorite little shops, you may have heard of it……Target! Or if you are feeling fancy target’ :-)

turquoise furniture

I still don’t have an accent piece for above the fireplace yet. Do You remember the Something is Missing post? :-)

I like seeing this lovely turquoise curio table as I come down the stairs. For a moment I have the illusion of beach side living, giggle.

beach cottage furniture


I went to pinterest and found some other lovely colored accent pieces.

This bold red dresser certainly makes a statement. I love the brickwork in this photo too. Light brick on the walls and darker brick on the floor. I wouldn’t want it throughout my whole home but I think it is great for an entry way.

home decor red dresser (source)

This yellow curio cabinet brings a bit of sunshine into this dark room,

decorating with yellow


This mint green side table would be right at home in a beach styled home.

mint green furniture


Fucia makes a statement here!That bow on the lamp is so cute and look at that wall art too.

fucia pink dresser(source)

Meals at this sweet baby blue table are sure to be quaint .There’s a little bit of shabby chic turquoise in this room too. I like it. It reminds me of a farm kitchen.

blue dining table(source)

As I bring this colorful decorating post to a close, I give you one final discovery. It is my favorite color and it certainly makes a statement and is a lovely accent against the wallpaper. Look at all of those books too, yes!

purple furniture


Do you have a piece of colored furniture accenting one of your rooms? A Touch of turquoise perhaps?

Have a great weekend everyone. Make happy memories.


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  1. I’ve painted several pieces over the years, usually for others. I think I only have two in my house right now. Yours looks great!

  2. I ove your new turquoise table and know can’t say we have an accent piece in our home at this point, but loved many of your choices, especially the pink, but doubt my husband would let me run with that color, lol!! Seriously, loved seeing all your ideas above and have a great weekend!! :)

  3. I’ve been planning when I move to do beachy colors in our LR, with grey as my neutral color. I have a purse that shade of lavender!

  4. Heather says:

    I love that turquoise pop of color in your room!

  5. Mitzi's Corner says:

    that is a beautiful piece. The only colored piece we have in our home is a white chest of drawers that I found at an antique shop and it was already white. I absolutely love it. The husband is not a fan of painted wood pieces…so I was lucky that he liked the chest of drawers I bought 😉

  6. I like the subtleness of the color against the white pieces you are displaying (or storing) inside. I enjoyed seeing the other pictures you pulled. So many good ideas – so little time :)

  7. I do, it’s a hunter green (very large) computer armoir. Great photos you grabbed! I’m partial to turquoise also, but none in my house, only in my closet. LOL! I’ve seriously considered painting my china cabinet to pop to some color in the dining room, though.

  8. pictimilitude says:

    I seriously, seriously love the color turquoise. I have such a soft spot for it, being originally from the southwest. :) I can’t blame you one bit for wanting to bring it into your beautiful home!

  9. Love the turquoise table. Can’t believe you found it at Target. I’m going to see if ours still has them. ~Frantic Mama

  10. I painted my Grandmother’s dresser sunshine yellow. I love it.

  11. Hi Katherine, I can’t believe you bought your piece of furniture at Target! It’s so pretty,
    Julie from julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

  12. Your new furniture piece is lovely! =)
    I have a pretty desk, that has white painted legs, – it was a gift and I love it!

  13. No coloured pieces in this house, natural wood is our taste. Funny that our furniture is natural and yet our fixtures such as stair rail and doors are painted white. I notice you have a natural wood stair rail.
    I too miss the beach, I grew up in a seaside resort in the UK and could get to the beach whenever I wanted. For me a lake beach has no real appeal, it has to be one that gets washed by the ocean tide twice a day.
    Oh by the way I love turquoise.

  14. I’ve always loved turquoise as a favorite color of mine. You really get great photos!

  15. Dear Katherine, I love it. I love the color and style…it really pops and adds a little something extra. My daughter recently got me into Pinterest, and now I too love to sneak a break in and ‘window shop’. I love your selection…I find the green side table especially pretty. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Blessings my dear, your friend, Catherine xo

    Izzy is just adorable!!

  16. Stunning. I love the nautical theme. It makes me think back to when I lived in Maine. :) Ahhhh memories.

  17. lindyloumacinitaly says:

    Love it, have just done a turquoise bathroom, actually I I think you may have seen the photos. Thanks for all your continuing support during what has been a difficult year for me.

  18. I love the colors of each – I have a green cupboard on my porch – and 3 white cupboards – which I love:) You make me think I ought to go with a deep red somewhere:)

  19. Katie,
    What a cute table! I think I am obsessed with furniture! I just need to clear out my garage and fill it with furniture and then just change it all the time… oh wait then where would I store my 13 Christmas trees??
    Love it!
    The Adored Home

  20. I love that cabinet! and the color!


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