Turtle Pie

Turtle Pie Recipe

It’s quiet here. I can almost hear my heart beating. Izzy ( our dog) sleeps at my side and the house is still. Our grandchildren are at their home now. Back to their routines and anxiously awaiting their first day back to school. I look forward to their first day of school photos (our daughter always takes them at the beginning of the school year) and to the phone call that starts something like this “Grandma, my new teacher ( teachers) is really ” great or mean” Lets hope they all say great this year….

Thank you again to my lovely guest bloggers last week, Debbie, Megin and Sharon for taking over while I was spending time with our beautiful grandchildren. Bloggy friends rock!  :-)

It was our oldest granddaughters birthday ( she’s 14) while they were staying with us and she requested a turtle pie instead of a birthday cake.I was happy to oblige with this super simple recipe.

Note- no actual turtles were harmed in the making of this pie!

turtle pie recipe

What You Need

9 inch pre-made pie crust (chocolate cookie style or graham cracker crust)

2 Pints of pralines and cream ice cream (softened)

1 Can whipped topping ( with a piping nozzle) ( or whipped topping and a piping bag and tip)

1/2 Cup chocolate ice cream topping,hardening style ( measurement is approximate)

1/4 Cup caramel ice cream topping ( measurement is approximate)

Chocolate candy bar ( chopped into small bits)

¼ Cup pecan halves

9 Inch pie plate

Rubber spatula

Large spoon

Before You Start– Carefully transfer pie crust to pie plate. Using a rubber spatula and a spoon fill the pie crust with the softened ice cream and spread evenly. Place in the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm ( but not harden).

Lets Make It! Spray the top of the ice cream filled pie with whipped topping and spread evenly. Using the whipped topping nozzle slowly pipe a decorative whipped topping ribbon around the edge. Place back into the freezer to set for about 10 minutes. Remove from freezer and using a spoon, drizzle the caramel ice cream topping in a criss cross pattern across the top of the pie. Repeat with the chocolate ice cream topping. Sprinkle a few pecans and chocolate bits on the top and serve immediately.

Serves 6-8

Taa Daa, pie high!pie high( side note very tired grandchildren, giggle)


When was the last time you had a pie high?


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  1. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a pie high and this looks like a good way to get one!

    Belated Birthday Wishes to your beautiful granddaughter!

  2. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter again and totally pinned this to try soon. Thanks Katie and Happy Monday!!

  3. Oh wow, looks so yummy :) I bet your granddaughter was so pleased with the cake, happy birthday to her :)

    Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays…

  4. Looks delicious! Turtle pie is one of my favorites, right after key lime! Umm…I get a pie high every other day, lol! Btw…send my birthday wishes to your lovely grand daughter!

  5. I had a pie high on Friday, believe it or not! I went to a farm market/deli in CT and they had peanut butter pie. I can’t tell you how good it was. I believe the crust was made of crushed graham crackers and some cream cheese.
    Welcome back! I understand about the quiet, although usually my house is so loud.

  6. I bet that is rich – but tasty!
    Hope the grandkids have a good first day of school.
    Now, go enjoy your peace and quiet.

  7. Hi Katie, Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter. What a coincidence. My oldest granddaughter had her 12th birthday a week ago, and she requested ice cream cake. Love your Turtle Pie…one of my all-time summer favorites; piled high with whipped cream, and the yummy toppings! Hugs, to you…and welcome back!

  8. I was a little taken aback when I read the title of todays blog! My imagination took over straight away, picturing a crunchy pastry with meat filling lol. From reading the recipe I was far off the mark (thank goodness).
    My favourite pie is a Pork Pie and as I cannot find a supplier in Canada, it is one of the first things I seek out when ever I go back to the UK. It is hard to describe a pork pie, most Canadians I describe it to cannot imagine eating a cold meat pie. So if you ever find yourself in the UK, try a pork pie and then describe it in American English because I just struggle with that one.
    Have a great week.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter! Your turtle pie looks delicious!

  10. debby9972 says:

    The certainly looks delicious!

  11. I can understand why your granddaughter opted for a Turtle pie Katie! It looks delicious. I would definitely like to try this. By the way, your grandchildren are adorable. I am glad you had a good time with them. Happy Belated Birthday to your 14 year old granddaughter and best wishes to all of them as they start another school year.

  12. The pie looks soooo yummy. I’m sure ti was a big hit with teh kids.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  13. There goes my diet, lol. This looks awesome, gotta try it.

  14. oh my goodness. This looks sinful and absolutely delicious! Must try it. :)

  15. Oh, yummy and sounds like you really get to enjoy those grandchildren,what a win-win :)

  16. Hi sweet Katy! Turtle Pie – what an unusual name. Still, I’m glad that no turtles were harmed in the making of this pie. It does look scrummy I must admit. Yes, it’s back to school next week over here. Where has the summer gone?! Time flies by just too quickly.

  17. Oh my! That is a fine looking pie. I do believe I will copying down this recipe as I have a birthday in a couple of weeks :) Thanks, Katherine, for sharing!


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