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Blog Angel

Katherines Corner has over 20,000 followers now and I am thrilled! I love that so many are interested in what I have to share and want to spend time here. We ( bloggers) all want people to read our blogs, enjoy what is shared and leave comments. But with popularity comes the possibility for spammers and hackers to find you too. This happened to me a little bit ago. Insert visual image of squeals and hair pulling out here.

They weren’t invited but they came anyway, bringing with them their nasty secret code to creep in and disturb all that is happy here.

Many of you are aware that I have a business called Blog Art By Katherine where I provide services to create pretty blogs ( website and online shops too) for you. I love to create headers and create blog makeovers that make your blog reflect your personality and blog theme. But…. I stand here ( yes I just stood up) before you to say” I do not have the tech skills to exorcise a nasty hacky spammy demon from your blog.”

angel wings

Thank heaven for my blog angel Tyson!

Tyson and Emma


He came in and cleaned up the nasty mess for me in no time and in addition provided me with peace of mind ( absence of mental stress). Tyson is a sweet young newlywed who I had the good fortune to meet a year or two ago through a social site. We have been connected ever since. When he heard my cry for help he sprung into action. That’s what blog angels do!  He devoted his time to me and my blog and made it a safe and happy place free of nasty spammy trouble makers. Best of all he did it all without anyone even knowing he was here. That’s usually how angels work. He was both affordable and effective! He provides a service that scans for malware and malicious content that I highly recommend. :-)

This is now going to sound like an advertisement for Tyson and his business. But, I would be remiss if I neglected to share his additional skills with you. Tyson’s business Mach 7 Enterprises ( the name even sounds futuristic and techy)  can host your blog too. He also provides a back up service for your blog which I use!  No more worries if you have a blog hiccup or other trouble. He keeps you safe and secure and it is very affordable.  I’m not sure what peace of mind cost these days. But, I can tell you his monthly fee of $8.95 is within most budgets. I am happy Katherines Corner is protected under his blog angel wings. I hope you will consider Tyson for your backups, hosting and techy help. Please tell him I sent you :-)

One last note, a reminder that I stick to. Make sure you are updating your blog with all of the latest updates   ( verify your plugins are compatible with the newest version). WordPress and other blog services keep things updated for us to help keep the integrity of our blogs safe too. For more bloggy tips click HERE

Have you had any spammy hacky monsters at your blog?

Do you backup your blog regularly?

Do you remember to update?


See you at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop !!!

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  1. Congratulations on the massive number of followers! I don’t think I could feel personally connected to that many and I do like the personal connections I have with a number of my blog buds.

  2. That is awesome the number of followers and thank you for sharing this service with us. I am very careful to backup and do updates as they do come available, too. But you are right it is scary what can happen if you aren’t careful and how others could do harm to all our hard work. Again thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I have not been bothered by hackers, thank goodness. The number of followers you have says much about your blog.

  4. Well what an angel you are!!! Thank God I have not been troubled by hackers…but this is really good to know and CONGRATS on 20,000 followers…that ROCKS and you deserve every single one!!! Sending hugs my friend and BIG HUGS to my friend Mr. Izzy!!!!

  5. ColleenB. says:

    Congratulations on having 20,000 followers and wishing you many, many more in days to come.
    What a blessing for you in having such a wonderful earth angel as Tyson.
    You both Rock.
    Have a great day and a better day tomorrow

  6. I don’t know how to do any of that stuff! I guess I better make sure my husband shows me what to do!

  7. WOW, I am blown away, I coudn’t even DREAM of 20,00 followers! Congrats!!! Now a question…..could you redo my header for me and how much do you charge? I have no clue how to do it. You can e-mail me Thanks so much!!!!

  8. Woohoo congratulations – what an amazing accomplishment and well deserved!!!

  9. yipeee!!!! A BIG WOW and congrats to u katie 20,000 followers on ur blog. That is amazing but u deserve it, u really do my forever friend! and thanks for the headsup on Mach 7 Enterprises i will definately use Tyson when i start my blog! gonna ask u 4 blog tips 2, love ya love ya love ya Katie, ur buddy @somerskys

  10. Congratulations on your followers! Your blog is always a delight to stop by. Thanks.

  11. Congratulations on so many followers! Whoa, that just blows my mind.
    Shame people have nothing better to do than hack sites.
    And yes, I back up my blog several times a month.

  12. Having worked on computers since 1974, the pace of change right now just amazes me.
    I have seen many changes and am finding it very hard to keep up as my 58th birthday looms just a couple of weeks away. No I am not a boffin, just your average Joe computer guy.

    Following yesterdays wonderful blog, I am not going to tell you about all the “black hats” who want your data. Just to encourage you to embrace this amazing cyber world we share but with caution. Make sure you use up to date security programs and be cautious of giving out too much personal information in public forums such as this. Identity theft is as big a threat as the bugs that some put in your system just to prove they can.

    I love the way you blog Katie, never too much and never too little a perfectly balanced blog that is an interesting read, well done!

    Take care my friend,

  13. I love blog angels! That’s how I feel about Janine from J9 Designs! She helped me clean up my mess.

  14. Angeljewellery says:

    Great to find your blog Katherine, I love blog angels and thanks for the tps and cautionary note..and congrats on the followers, you deserve tham all xx

  15. such a lovely happy blog, this one shines out into the world, we need more! blogging tips about security also very good, thanks for sharing!

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