Eggplant No Name Recipe

Eggplant no name Recipe

Happy Labor Day Wishes!

Have you ever made a recipe and had trouble naming it? Meet Eggplant ( fill in the blank) recipe. Everything I thought of had the word stack in it and we ( hubby and I) thought if I used the word stack it would sound like something from your local pancake house.  Although it is delicious, it currently remains nameless…..perhaps you can help me name it. I am happy to share that most of the vegetables came from our garden. A garden that has been abundant all season and now is dwindling. We are already missing so many of the the fresh vegetables we enjoyed this summer. We picked a bunch of tomatoes though and I will be making marinara ( spaghetti starter). For my marinara recipe click here. I am always creating new eggplant recipes ,I will share more with you soon I am sure :-)

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What You Need

1 Medium eggplant (cleaned, peeled and sliced into about 8 slices)

1 Large red bell pepper sliced (into about 8 rings)

1 Large tomato (sliced into about 8 slices)

1 8oz. Package of mushrooms (sliced) extra for topping optional

1 Cup mozzarella cheese (grated or sliced)

4 Basil leaves chopped (extra for garnish, optional)

½ tsp. Dry oregano

¼ tsp. Dry thyme

½ tsp. Black pepper

6 Tbsp.Olive Oil

Nonstick pan


Broiling pan


Serving platter

Before You Start – Heat broiler to medium. It’s important to have everything ready for this recipe as it goes quickly and needs to be served while it’s still hot.

Lets Make It! In a skillet over medium high heat combine olive oil and garlic and sauté until garlic is tender (about 3 minutes). Add oregano, thyme, black pepper and stir. Add green pepper rings and mushrooms and continue to sauté until tender (about 5 minutes) add eggplant, tomatoes and chopped basil and continue to sauté flipping eggplant and tomato slices only once ( about 3 minutes) until all are cooked through.

Using tongs start stacking the vegetables onto the broiler pan, starting with the eggplant slice, then the tomato, a pinch of cheese, then the bell pepper, then top with another slice of eggplant, mushroom and sprinkle with cheese ( or place a slice of cheese on top) repeat until you have made 4 stacks of vegetables. Note I added a few basil leaves on the tomato slice too. Place in the broiler for about 1-2 minutes to melt the cheese. Using a spatula transfer to serving platter, top with more mushrooms and basil if desired.

Serves 2-4


*Katies Tid Bits- try adding a Bermuda onion ring to your stack. This is great with zucchini slices too.


Do you have any ideas on what to call this yummy eggplant no name recipe?

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  1. Eggplant your last name!

  2. Eggplant ala Katie!! Seriously I love eggplant and will take any which way I can, so I am pinning this to try your version. Thanks so much for sharing!! And Happy Labor Day!! :)

  3. Hi Katherine, how about Eggplant Veggie Parmesan? I also like what Janine has: Eggplant ala Kathie! I hope you are enjoying Labor Day Weekend and you eggplant dish looks delicious!
    Julie from

  4. This recipe just might entice me to try eggplant again :)

  5. tamaralikecamera says:

    Mm…I love eggplant, mushrooms and cheese!

  6. I havent tried eggplant in a long time, but your recipe sounds good.

  7. What about Garden Eggplant Sandwich – looks delicious by the way.

  8. I laughed when I saw your title. It looks great and I hope you get a name for it soon. :)

  9. kitblue says:

    Stacked Eggplant – doesn’t sound like pancakes!


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