Autumn Printables I’ll Be Back

Autumn Printables I’ll Be Back

I know you heard Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice when you read the title of today’s post didn’t you :-)
I’m still nursing my poor back.heating padI think my backache is playing with my brain a bit as coming up with a “worth reading” post today has posed quite a challenge. So instead of reading some ramblings from my bed I think I’ll provide you with some fun freeAutumn printables  instead.  You would be surprised what you can manage to create on a laptop. Just right click on the photos to enlarge and then save to your computer.

I’ll be “back” tomorrow :-)



   Autumn Printables

emily bronte leaves

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”-Samuel Butler

autumn apples printable

john burroughs leaves printable


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  1. Get better soon! x

  2. Get well, woman!

  3. Katherine have you tried any homeopathic remedies? I would suggest Arnica gel and pills. It works for pain and you can take it along with any other meds you may be taking without any worry of interactions.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Love SallyAnn

  4. Feel better Katie. I have had sciatica in the past myself and thank god for my chiropractor, because I was just miserable and could barely move. So, I know how painful that can be and just hoping you get some relief soon.

  5. Hope you are pain free by tomorrow!

  6. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. get well soon, Katie

  8. Feel better! I know that’s tough.

  9. Praying you feel better soon, Katie!

    Soft hugs,

  10. Get better soon doll, take good care of yourself and rest :)) *hug*

  11. Feel better soon, Katie….and take care of yourself. Your post just makes me long for fall. Still very hot and dry in south Texas. Take care.

  12. Rain Swazey says:

    Feel better soon!!
    Rain :)

  13. Hi, Katie
    I am praying your feel better soon.


  14. Katie i hate that ur back hurts so please take it easy and put that bengay on oops do they still make bengay?? mrs A comment made me laugh just a simple get well women giggling}}}}

  15. Back pain is no fun. Take good care so you can be in full swing soon.

  16. Look at you being witty even when you’re hurt, lol, and I laughed!!

    Feel better soon, back aches are the worst!

  17. I am so sorry your back is out! I hope you feel better soon!

  18. I hopeyou are feeling better real soon.
    Take very good care.
    Always, Queenie

  19. I hope you feel BETTER soon! having a bad back is awful. Take care. XO

  20. If I understand anything, it’s back pain. Take care of your back and feel better. Keep a positive outlook as it does help relax the muscles.

  21. Feel better soon!
    Thanks for the pretty graphics!

  22. Hi Katherine, sorry to hear of your back pain – been there many times. Feel better soon!

  23. So sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. I do hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself sweet lady, Ginger

  24. Feel better soon!

  25. Katie, so sorry about your back pain…unfortunately I’ve had my share of it as well not long ago! Hope you’ll feel better soon. For me, my chiropractor has helped a lot…also heat and ice packs. Hugs,

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