DIY Craft Punch and Stamp Holder Shelf

DIY Craft Punch and Stamp Holder Shelf

It’s looking a little crafty around here today. Lets get your crafting punches and stamps organized with this great diy presented by Angel from Sew Crafty Angel. Most of you will recognize her straight away as she is my lovely co hostess at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop each week.  I’m happy to share Katherines Corner with you Angel :-)
Hi.  I’m Angel.  My blog is called Sew Crafty Angel.

Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not just a blog about sewing..

I post about crafts, sewing, kids, family, marriage and anything else that interest me.

I co-host regular weekly blog hops, one of which is with my
dear friend Katie here at Katherine’s Corner.
Today I’d like to share a little shelf I created with you.

I love making anything out of wood.

My father made cabinetry when I was a little girl and the smell of wood takes me back to those happy days of hanging out with him while he worked. My little shelf is nothing compared to his handmade furniture but

I still loved making it. This shelf was created as a gift for Anna over at Cuddlebug Cuties. Anna wanted a way to store her punches out of the way but still have visibility so she could work on a project and easily find the right punch without a lot of digging.

All you need to create a punch shelf is

strips of pre-sanded wood, which comes in a huge variety of widths from any

hardware, cut to the length for the size shelf you wish to create.

A yardstick, glue and I used square support rods.

I used a small circular saw to cut my boards to length

but most hardware stores will cut them for you if you prefer.

Once you have your boards cut to your specified lengths

just glue the shelf in place. I placed my stabilizers in the center of each shelf.

Keep in mind that you need to predetermine how wide you want each shelf

depending on your punch height and width.

Wood glue drys quick but I always like to give it 24 hours

to set, especially if I’m going to put a lot of weight on it.

 After allowing 24 hours to dry you just choose a paint color and start painting.

Anna likes yellow so I purchased 2 bottles of Folk Art yellow.

 This is my finished project.

As you can see in the photo I made the shelves in varied heights

to accommodate the varied sizes of punches.

This shelf measures 24 x 36

Below is a photo from Anna after she got her shelf hung and loaded with punches.

The wood and paint for this project costs me approximately $50 and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this especially for Anna.
 I hope you will  come by and visit me sometime and check out my blog and my other projects and posts. Angel
Thank you for sharing your craftiness and generous organizational gift.

What do you have in your craft room that could use this handy shelf?

Hope to see you at the Thursday Favorite Things hop.
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  1. This is really cool and useful, I like it. Have a sweet day doll xx

  2. I love this and totally reminds when I was a kid, the in thing was to collect erasers and they way to display them was a wood shadow box. This seriously though would have been perfect for those erasers. I had totally forgotten about that until I read your post here Angel. Thanks for bringing back some great memories from back in the day for me!! :)

  3. Angel have real talent in creating these. Very creative. I would have made a mess of it. Lol

  4. Oh! My dad made me one of those when I used to stamp a lot. Somewhere over the years it disappeared in the garage. Now I wish I had it. Love the one you made – it looks great!

  5. Looks great!

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