A New Way To Organize Recipes

A New Way To Organize Recipes


google nexus 7 tablet reviewEvery week I share a recipe or two with you. I love sharing and I also love it when you share your recipes with me. I enjoy finding recipes on websites and pinterest too. That’s a whole lot of recipes to keep track of. I am in a constant state of “in progress” when it comes to keeping my recipes in order. Most of my recipes are on my computers ( desktop and laptop). A few are in an overflowing file folder and even more can be found scrawled on scraps of paper throughout the house. In an effort to continually provide you with valuable information. I am sharing a terrific organizing product with you today.


I used to put my laptop computer on the kitchen counter to refresh my menopause memory when it was time to cook. Not all of my recipes are so easily embedded in my brain. Or to try the delicious recipes you share or that I discover on pinterest.  This usually resulted in a flour dusted keyboard or sometimes worse. I am a very messy cook!

nexus 7 for pinterest


Thanks to the generous people at Staples I now have a modern and easy way to find my recipes and others I enjoy too. I use the google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet. I must admit new technology often makes me a little apprehensive and I slowly dip my toe into the water rather than diving right in. But the tablet is terrific and  very user friendly.

Staples always says use the easy button!

staples easy button



I am using a very inexpensive vinyl coated plate stand  to keep it propped up on my counter. A new use for an old thing! A quick click of the button and I have easy access to all of the recipes I enjoy. I can’t guarantee there won’t be a bit of flour on it from time to time. But, it certainly takes up less counter space and the recipes are available at a click of a button. You can find my recipes by clicking the recipes tab at the top of my blog.

plate stand works for a nexus 7 tablet

When I am not using it to organize my recipes I can visit Katherines Corner, your blog, facebook, pinterest and more. :-)


nexus 7 tablet for bloggers


nexus 7 tablet for facebookthis post is part of the *review for  the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. for the complete review please click HERE.

*to read my disclosure statement CLICK HERE


How do you keep your recipes organized? Will you try A New Way To Organize Recipes ?


use a plate stand to hold your tablet or ipad- katherines corner

Hoping your weekend is a positive one.

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  1. This is a very good idea actually. I know people use these things for books, which doesn’t appeal to me, but for recipes, it would be super handy as I could follow along better than my smudgy hand writing, haha. Very nice. I hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  2. I have absolutely ZERO organization skills. I just love my cookbooks and google. LOL. I will say, however, that I absolutely adore using a tablet for recipes. I subscribe to paper magazines but also get the digital copies for free. I pull them up on the iPad and bam! i am a happy camper. Using a tablet is GREAT! I adore yours!

  3. Great idea!

  4. Kathrine,

    ‘That was easy!’

    I have yet to jump onto the tablet bandwagon, but I think I will be this holiday season when they go on sale.


  5. I feel so old school because I have books, papers and even index cards but often use my iPad as well.

  6. What a great idea! I have a Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet, but I am a little confused. Did you have to type out all your recipes to get them onto the tablet?? I know I’m a bit thick about these things!! Or are your recipes not all in the one place.?

    • Hi sweetie, you can use several different methods- you can use a usb cable to transfer them from your desktop computer to your tablet, blue tooth, or if you have them saved on google drive the tablet can access them. You can also email them to yourself and download them on your tablet. It’s nice having them all in one place now. xo

  7. Petro Neagu says:

    I definitely need one of those, maybe not for recipes as I am nothing but a disaster in the kitchen, hehe but for other aspects of my Sunday Katie.

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    I am wishing I get one for Christmas like yours. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new post The Guys. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your family.

  9. I am so old fashioned that mine are in a recipe box on cards still. I do intend to upgrade to an electronic version at some point in the future though!

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