Valentine Mailbox Craft

Valentine Mailbox Craft-

Soon the sweet little valentine cards with lollipops attached and stickers included will be passed around by the little ones in our lives. At school and at home they will be creating little bits of love to place in our mailbox. I invited the lovely Felicia from Nifty Thrifty Family Blog to be my guest today. She has a fun family friendly craft to share. So gather the little ones and create this cute valentine mailbox ♥

feliciaHi everyone, my name is Felicia and I from the Nifty Thrifty Family Blog, that features delicious recipes, crafts, do it yourself projects and just life happens from my family.  I am so excited to be sharing my Valentine mailboxes here today on this wonderful blog.


I just love making homemade items for Valentines Day. To me making something is more meaningful than going to the store and buying something. I have been reading a lot about Valentine mail box’s here lately and how each member of the family has one. At the start of February you place something small in each members mailbox all the way up to Valentines day. That special something could be a note, piece of candy and so on. I did not want to spend any money on buying a small mailbox for each and everyone in my family, so I decided to make the mailbox’s with what I had on hand at home.




The items needed:

Construction paper

Glue – I used Elmer’s


String – any type you want to use


First take one piece of paper bend the sides in and glue it to another piece of paper.

( note from Katherine-look her baby is in the first photo sweeeeeet!)

mailbox step 1step 1.1


Now trim the edges of the bottom paper. You don’t want to see the bottom hanging out of the sides.

step 3

Turn the tube upside down on another sheet of paper and trace around the ends. Leave some room at the bottom of the trace paper so the paper can be bent after cutting. You want to make the end caps fit perfect on the tub.

step 4

Glue the back end cap to the tube. And fold the extra paper under and glue. Trim trim any over lapping paper off.

step 5

When you get to the door side only glue the bottom extra part of paper that you bent and place it on the tube. Mae sure to trim off any extra overhangs.

step 6

At this point you need to cut off a strip of paper and cut a small slit on the top to feed thru the paper. Glue the paper strip together making a Circle.

step 7

On the opening part make 2 holes where you want your string or ribbon to go.

Just thread the string thru the holes and tie around the loop.

step 8

Next cut out a small “L” shaped flag. Make a slit in the tube and slide the flag in. Make sure you flag is pointing to the back of the mailbox.

step 9 step 10

To get the flag to move up and down I made another strip of paper and taped it to the inside.

This paper is just there to hold the flag so it is not leaning.

 step 11


You are now done with the box. If you want to put a stand on, just take one more piece of paper, roll it up and glue or tape to the bottom. Next step is to decorate it the way you want. I chose to free hand letters and hearts and and add glitter to my mailbox.


valentine mailbox craft katherines corner


My family really loves the mailboxes that we made. I can’t wait to start placing little notes and things inside the boxes. Next week on the Nifty Thrifty Family Blog, I will be showing off homemade valentines, and I will be sharing about having a Monster High roller skating party. I would just love it, if you would swing by.

Thank you so much Felicia. This is such a fun craft and I can just imagine all of the ways it can be decorated. I know our younger grandchildren will love this sweet valentine mailbox craft too.

Have you started your little ones valentine boxes yet?

 See you at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. You can start linking Wednesday night at 8pm (MST)

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  1. kentuckygal50 says:

    Cute, inexpensive and most people probably wouldn’t need to run to the store (especially here, because it is freezing!).

  2. Just actually got the notice to buy or make Valentine’s cards for my kids pre-school classmates. This would definitely come in handy for that. Thanks for sharing and totally pinned to try :)

  3. So sweet!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  4. Simple, cute and useful! Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from

  5. Simply adorable.
    Blessings, Catherine

  6. So very, very cute!!!

  7. It is just adorable and appreciate how it just uses simple paper from around the house. You’ve Got Mail!

  8. Love it. I remember making one of these in school to have on my desk :) xx

  9. Very cute.

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