Lessons Learned on a Journey

Lessons Learned on a Journey With Pam!

pamI am so happy to have the lovely Pam from Over50Feeling40 as my guest today. Many of you are already familiar with her blog either through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ( she is one of my sweet co-hostesses) or by already discovering her blog. She is such a bright light and her wonderful blog reminds us every day that ” We Matter” and that our age does not define us. ♥


Hi everyone…I first must thank the fabulous Katherine for inviting me to guest post on her site.  She is an amazing talent and I have loved becoming bloggy friends with her…I hope someday we could meet!
I am beginning to get to know some of you from co-hosting the Thursday Blog Hop, and hopefully, if you have not joined us, you will.  But, in thinking about what to write for today, I thought I would review some of the biggest lessons I have learned since crossing over to the fun side of 50!  Yes, I am serious…I believe I am having the best time of my life right now.
On Thursdays, we are discussing fashion, beauty and health.  However, as I discovered my life again after fifty, I learned even more on a deeper level.  Here are some of the highlights:
1. I really love having a close relationship with my adult children and their significant others.  Life is more fun with them…now that homework, athletic practices, and SAT scores are behind us. Yes, I am still MOM, but I do not try to control their decisions or lives…so much more enjoyable to give back the reigns.  I also love, love, love my baby grandson…he is practically perfect in every way!!  Again, I tread carefully in my role as Grandma.
2. I have learned joy is found in living one day at time.  I do not lament over the past and do not worry about the future…I just live today to its fullest.  When worry creeps in, I physically say STOP!… and find something to work or focus on for that day.  (Of course, for me, it helps immensely to pray throughout the day…especially the stressful ones).
3. I am constantly reminding myself that LIFE IS SHORT…not in a grim way…but an exciting way.  These three little words motivate me to not waste a minute of it.
4. Since life is short, it is important to pursue and saturate yourself in your passions.  Mine are writing, music, art, studying, and, yes, fashion.  Also, a passion of mine, is to inspire others.  The fountain of youth can be discovered in helping and working with people.
5. I had a difficult upbringing, but after 50, I have chosen to no longer get angry…frustration happens a lot less.  Forgiveness and balance are so healing and make joy possible.
On my blog, you will often see the words Joy, Strength, and Dignity…they are words I live by and will take me through as I face gray hair, wrinkles, osteoporosis, and whatever lies ahead.  There are some amazing over 50 women bloggers and I really hope you will join all of us as we enjoy life one post at a time!
Blessings to you all!  

Would anyone else like to share some of your biggest lessons learned over 50??

Thank you Pam for sharing your positive attitude and mantra i agree completely that the fountain of youth can be discovered in helping and working with others. I am honored to have shared Katherines Corner with you today.
See you all at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop I look forward to seeing what you share this week. ♥ You can start linking up at 8 PM (MST) tomorrow night.
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  1. I’m closing in quickly on 50 and feel stronger, prettier and happier than ever but still appreciate all the advice that I can get. Thanks for posting this

  2. Since I will be 67 this year, 50 seems like a life time ago. lol! However, I am enjoying life every day. It amazes me how your life can change and go in unexpected ways. I started blogging almost two years ago and have enjoyed it so much. Meeting and sharing with others is a wonderful joy for me. Although I seem to have more doctors appointments than when I was young, life is great and I agree with Joy, live each day to it’s fullest.

  3. I live a very active ‘retired’ life and love it! For me it’s important to spend my time doing the things I love to do. I still volunteer and give myself to others but I know it’s important to take care of myself. The stronger and healthier I am, the more I can encourage and help others. Living the give way….it’s my life. Hugs!

  4. Katherine, thanks for sharing Pam’s story! Reading through this interview I can see how you find her to be so sweet. She’s spread a huge message, Life is too short! Live your passions and don’t have any regrets. Thanks for the reminder this morning!

  5. Very beautiful, I agree with her message!! Have a gorgeous day doll xx

  6. I became 55 in December and the one important thing among many others is I have learned that I don’t have to please everyone.

  7. I love her positive outlook! I’m over 50 also, and I agree with her messages.
    Enjoy life, and live for a positive outlook.
    I enjoy her blog!

  8. I am WAY over 50, over 60 but try to live each day to the FULLEST, stay active and have FUN!!! Moving to this new community has been the best thing ever! Now if I could just motivate myself to get out and exercise I would feel even better!!!

  9. very good advice. I love her positive attitude

  10. I love the positive message you’re sharing with your post!

  11. Wow, Pam! What an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. :)

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