Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets-

green tulips Every cook needs a well-stocked pantry and the essentials for cooking and baking. In addition to the basics, I never let our kitchen be without my favorite kitchen gadgets.They may not be found on everyone’s cooking essentials list but they are always on mine.

Before I share my favorite kitchen gadgets I will share 20 basic essentials ( I could list more) in our kitchen too ( not including the bare bones basics like cutlery dishes, pot holders, etc) .

stainless steel cookware

non stick fry pan

food processor

bake-ware set in a variety of sizes

3 sizes of covered microwave dishes

3 sizes mixing bowls

large slot toaster


reusable covered food saver containers

3 food safe cutting boards ( one for meats one for veg and one for other)

cooking timer

electric hand mixer


olive oil cruet

extra large measuring cup ( glass 3 cup measure)

variety of measuring cups and spoons



box grater

knife sharpener

Now on to my favorite kitchen gadgets! ♥


favorite kitchen gadgets

top to bottom left to right

long handled wood spoon – perfect for deep pasta pots, lemonade jugs and more

rubber jar opener – do you remember when I made one?  You can find that and more on my new uses for old things page sometimes lids on jars are just to well sealed, great for our food and health safety but hard work for our hands. This simple rubber circle makes all the difference in gripping the jar lid tightly

tea infuser-loose leaf tea is a wonderful treat

mini grater -perfect for little jobs and zesting

bottle and wine opener-no further explanation needed, giggle

hard boil egg timer– I love this! Egg-Perfect Heat Sensitive Color Changing Egg Timer- You drop it in the pot with the eggs and it changes color to help you determine soft, medium and hard boiled eggs.

mini sifter– great for dusting powdered sugar in small areas , a nice photo prop too I am sure you recognize it from some of my photos :-)

pot handle covers– i love my stainless steel pots and pans nut they do not have covered handles these slid on the handles to protect your hands

rubber spatula-I use this for a multitude of things, from scraping inside jars to frosting cakes

basting brush-I prefer this rubber one to the bristle brush because it can go in the dishwasher and it does not leave bristles behind when you use it

small whisk– perfect for small tasks whisking a bit of water and cornstarch for example

ice cream scoop– not just for ice cream but great for cookies,muffins, cupcakes etc.

pizza cutter-not just for pizza but great for cutting brownies, pan cookies like my zucchini cookies

kitchen shears-cut through everything, bones, crab legs, crack shells, nuts too

wood cutting board-perfect for veggies and a photo prop too ( see my other photo prop ideas HERE)

There you have it my sweet bloggy friends, my favorite kitchen gadgets. :-)


spring tulipsWhat are your favorite kitchen gadgets?


you can get the egg timer in my gadgets list from Williams and Sonoma.

Have a great weekend everyone. laugh loudly and thank you for visiting, following and liking me all over the place it is appreciated ♥

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  1. I have a few myself, but I would say my timer is probably the most practical and helpful of them all. Happy Weekend now, Katie :)

  2. Sounds like great gadgets doll, I hope you have a great weekend xx

  3. I personally cannot live without my micro grater. I use it for everything from hard cheese to garlic to lemon zest. Have a wonderful weekend. Sue

  4. You have a great list! I have several from your list, including the rubber jar opener, those work great!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Annabel Smith says:

    I agree my timer is very helpful. It stops me forgetting all kinds of things and I do my 15 minute power hour etc!

  6. Those are some good ones. I need some more cutting boards. I only have one that I use for veggies.

    • Thank you. I have always had three dishwasher safe cutting boards. I have others too but the ones for the poultry and meat are easy to bleach and sanitize in the dishwasher. Hugs!

  7. Ribgabby says:

    I love your doggie Izzy! He is soooo cute!!

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