Wire Wrapped Ring Craft

Wire Wrapped Ring Craft-

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes….I used to sell these rings in one of my shops, Be Well Gifts ,now I concentrate on other styles. I thought this wire wrapped ring craft would be fun to share. Mothers Day will be here soon and these make sweet gifts. Tie one on the gift you give mom as a little extra gift . You can make these rings with your friend, your tweens and teens too. Soon you will be adding your own “one of a kind” rings to your jewelry box.  I did my best to photograph each step. Its challenging taking photos as I go along. :-)

wire wrapped ring craft

What You Need
Silver Plated Wire 20 gauge (about 14- 18 inches long) non tarnish style
1 Center bead such as a crystal, bead, gem stone, pearl or button (6mm and 4mm work best)
2 Accent beads in 2mm-3mm size
Ring Mandrel or Dowel (slide a ring that you currently own onto the dowel and mark where it fits)
Wire snips
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Metal file
( click photos to enlarge)
wire wrapped ring supplies
Lets Make It!
Place your beads in the middle of your wire. Take your dowel or mandrel and center your beaded wire on it . Place it one size larger than your ring size ( when you start wrapping the size changes).
step 1 wire wrapped ringstep 2 wire wrapped ring
Wrap both wires once in opposite directions parallel in the back ( do not cross the wires over each other).
step 3 wire wrapped ring
Wrap the right wire over and around the small bead on the right and the center bead.( I turned the mandrel around for better viewing). Then do it from the left side wrapping the center bead and the left accent bead. Bring both wires around the back and to the front again. Keep wires parallel ( note mine slipped when I took the photo, I moved it). Wrap both wires again in opposite directions so your wires are at the front of the ring.
step 4 wire wrapped ring step 5 wire wrapped ring
Carefully remove the beaded ring from the mandrel (or dowel) hold it tightly to maintain the ring size. Cut wire so you have about 3 inches on wither side. Using your round nose pliers begin wrapping the side wires one side at a time (wrap around and through several times (4-5) or all of the way around (your choice) . Anyone notice anything about this ring? Yes it’s a different ring. I had to remake it for the photos. The original photos were really blurry ( low battery) so I made another ring really quickly to take the photos :-)
step 6 wire wrapped ringstep 7 wire wrapped ring
Using your wire snips cut off any excess wire on the outside of the ring ( you do not want to have wire poking your finger inside the ring) pinch the end of the wire with your flat nose pliers. If you have any sharp edge use a metal file and carefully file any sharp edge on the wire down.There you have it, your big taa daa moment.
ring craft katherines corner
You may need to practice a bit and soon you will be making rings for your fingers and even for your toes. Silver plated wire is relatively inexpensive and comes in big coils so you can make plenty of rings.  When you feel confident in your ring making ability you can invest in some more expensive sterling silver or gold wire. I made a few more  rings :-)
variety of wire wrapped ringsI made this  blue ring with just a single bead. following the same steps as above, But just wrap once around the bead from each side. Then Wrap the ends.
ring 2blue wire wrapped ring diy
ring 2-1
Okay its your turn. …

Will you try to make your own rings?

Have a great weekend everyone.
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  1. WOW! so nice

  2. I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do Katherine! I’ve pinned this to my “Jewelry I’m Dying to Make” board and running out to Michael’s today! Blessings, Diana

    • Diana you are such a sweetheart. What a lovely thing to write. Trust me sweetie there are plenty of things I can’t do, giggle. Please share how your rings turn out, I can’t wait to see them. Biggest hugs!!!

  3. Amazing, I love these, a ring would be so cool :)) Fantastic job, talented you 😉 I hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  4. That is awesome!

  5. These are gorgeous and seriously love how you made these yourself. Have a great weekend now, Katie :)

  6. I love those rings! I have too many crafty things going on now without starting a new hobby! LOL

  7. Wow! Those are beautiful. What talent you have. laurie

  8. These are so pretty! =)

  9. Wow! So elegant!

  10. I won’t because I’m terribly not crafty, but I love them!

  11. I’ve wanted to make jewelry FOREVER and now with your directions I can. Beautiful work Katherine !!! Thank you :-)


  12. I love, LOVE both rings!!!! I may just have to try this!!!

  13. I’ve always wanted to try making these. Great tutorial! I have everything I need, so I think I’ll make one (or a few!).

  14. Melissa Page says:

    This is an adorable DIY! Woud making a cocktail ring be as easy? I’m thinking of creating one for my mom on her coming birthday. She just loves rings!


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